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  1. IMF Says CBDCs Could Boost Middle East's Financial Inclusion, Payment Efficiency
    Coindesk | 06/19/24 03:21 AM EDT

    Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) may not be essential to achieving intended policy goals, instead addressing underlying constraints and improving other digital payment systems may be a more practical alternative, a survey of 19 central banks in the Middle East and Central Asia (ME&CA) region by the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) has said.

  2. More Central Banks Are Exploring a CBDC, BIS Survey Finds
    Coindesk | 06/14/24 07:08 AM EDT

    There's a greater chance of a wholesale CBDC being issued within six years than a retail one, according to the report.

  3. Fed Sees Just One Rate Cut This Year; Bitcoin Gives Up Session Gains
    Coindesk | 06/12/24 02:14 PM EDT

    As expected, the Federal Open Market Committee of the U.S. Federal Reserve Wednesday held its benchmark fed funds rate range at 5.25%-5.50%, but its economic outlook now calls for just one 25 basis point rate cut this year. "In recent months, there has been modest further progress toward the Committee's 2 percent inflation objective," said the FOMC in its policy statement.

  4. U.S. CPI Was Flat in May, Beating Expectations; Bitcoin Rises to $69.2K
    Coindesk | 06/12/24 08:42 AM EDT

    Stubbornly high inflation readings in the past months curbed rate cut expectations weighing on asset prices.

  5. Crypto and Artificial Intelligence Could be a $20 Trillion Megatrend, Bitwise Says
    Coindesk | 06/12/24 07:55 AM EDT

    The two industries could add a collective $20 trillion to global GDP by 2030, the report said.

  6. U.S. CPI and Fed Meeting: Things to Watch Out as BTC Nurses Losses
    Coindesk | 06/12/24 05:50 AM EDT

    BTC has come under pressure in the lead up to the key events that could influence Fed rate cut expectations.

  7. Bitcoin Pullback to $66K Triggers $250M in Crypto Liquidations as Traders Brace for 'Wild Wednesday' of FOMC, CPI Report
    Coindesk | 06/11/24 01:11 PM EDT

    Tomorrow's Fed "dot plot" of interest rate projection and forward guidance by Chairman Powell will be key for what's next for the digital asset market, K33 Research said.

  8. Bitcoin, Ether Little Changed Over Weekend After $400M Liquidation Rout
    Coindesk | 06/10/24 04:12 AM EDT

    The week ahead could boost market volatility with the CPI release on Wednesday, the FOMC meeting on Thursday, and a speech from Janet Yellen on Friday, one firm said.

  9. Bitcoin Falls Back After Attempt at $72K, but Fed, U.S. Data and Global Rate Cuts May Bring New All-Time Highs
    Coindesk | 06/06/24 04:43 PM EDT

    Upcoming consumer price index and labor market data releases in the next few days could be key for what's next for bitcoin's price.

  10. Bank of Canada Begins G-7 Monetary Easing Cycle, Trimming Benchmark Rate 25 Basis Points
    Coindesk | 06/05/24 10:21 AM EDT

    Lower interest rates in developed economies could be a tailwind for bitcoin prices.

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