ZiDtia Launches Sturdy, Spacious Chicken Coops in the US

BY PR Newswire | ECONOMIC | 03/15/24 05:00 AM EDT

WALLA WALLA, Wash., March 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ --?In 2023,?ZiDtia launched sturdier and more convenient-to-install chicken coops in response to the rising cost of eggs.

Egg prices in the U.S. have risen, with the cost of a dozen Grade A large eggs reaching $2.52 in January from $2.51 in December, marking a 3.4% increase, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and CPI data. The rise in prices has led customers to try raising their own chickens to reduce daily expenses.

In light of this, more and more families are choosing to raise chickens in their backyards, not only to alleviate financial stress but also to ensure food safety. This practice also helps cultivate a sense of responsibility in children, offering educational value.

Against this backdrop, ZiDtia, a leader in poultry housing solutions, proudly announces the launch of its flagship series of metal chicken coops across the United States, aiming to perfectly blend functionality with ease of use. These state-of-the-art designed coops are suitable for both rural areas and urban chicken enthusiasts, providing a secure home for poultry.

"Our commitment to animal welfare and sustainable living is our driving force for continuous innovation," says Elara Zimmer, founder of ZiDtia. "These coops are not just a place for chickens to reside; they are a testament to our efforts to enhance the chicken-raising experience, making backyard chicken raising more viable and straightforward. Through thoughtful design, our coops meet various needs of chicken enthusiasts, whether it's better ventilation, stronger protection, or more convenient management."

The Five Advantages of ZiDtia Metal Chicken Coop

ZiDtia's products boast distinct advantages:

1.? 240D Oxford fabric covering
Offers effective waterproof and sun protection, ensuring the safety of chickens in all weather conditions, compared to other brands that use PE Tarp.
2.? 0.8 inch PVC coated hexagonal mesh
Designed to protect chickens from small predators, while also being rust-resistant and flexible.
3.? Galvanized full frame
Significantly improves rust resistance and extends the lifespan of the coop.
4.? Triangular support and deep ground anchors
Original triangular support enhances the coop's rigidity and stability under various conditions
5.? Deep ground anchors
6.5-inch deep ground anchors ensuring stability even in strong winds, promoting overall safety.
6.? Quick installation and sturdy frame
ZiDtia coops are designed with snap-together assembly, requiring only an hour to set up the smallest chicken coop.

ZiDtia is on a mission to be at the forefront of backyard chicken farming by providing premium coops, expert advice, and a vibrant community, facilitating a movement towards sustainable living and self-sufficiency. We aim to connect enthusiasts and guide families to a closer relationship with nature as our products and support lead the way in a growing lifestyle trend of self-reliance.

To learn more about?ZiDtia and its products, please visit their official website:https://zidtia.com/?and?join our community?to explore future solutions related to chicken raising.

Through continuous product innovation and sharp market insights, ZiDtia?is dedicated to developing a wider range of products that cater to various scales of poultry raising needs, such as chicken runs and duck coops. This effort helps more families easily adopt a self-sufficient lifestyle, saving costs while enjoying the pleasures of farming.

For more information, please visit ZiDtia's Facebook page.

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