Deep Knowledge Group?s General Partner Dmitry Kaminskiy Presents Keynote Address at Davos Longevity Investment Summit During World Economic Forum 2022

BY Business Wire | ECONOMIC | 06/01/22 10:13 AM EDT

DAVOS, Switzerland--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Deep Knowledge Group General Partner Dmitry Kaminskiy delivered a keynote address on the current state and future of the Longevity Industry at Davos Longevity Investment Summit during the World Economic Forum 2022.

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Deep Knowledge Group is a consortium of commercial and non-profit organisations active on multiple fronts in the realm of DeepTech and Frontier Technologies (AI, Longevity, FinTech, GovTech, InvestTech), ranging from scientific research to investment, entrepreneurship, analytics, media, philanthropy and more.

The Group is well known for its sophisticated DeepTech analytics, predictive forecasting and benchmarking, having received coverage as early as 2014 in bestselling books on the future of technology, including The Fourth Industrial Revolution by World Economic Forum Founder and Chairman Klaus Schwab.

During keynote address, Kaminskiy presented key findings on major trends and developments shaping the 2022 Longevity Industry and investment landscape, outlining the Group?s work in defining the sector, having coined and popularized the term ?Longevity Industry?, and the developments which led to the Group?s creation the largest Longevity Industry database (50,000 companies, 12,000 investors, and 1,200 R&D hubs distributed across 20 sectors and 160 subsectors, with over 9.5 million data points) assembled into one integrated Longevity Industry Big Data Analytical System and Dashboard. Which is key component of Deep Knowledge Group?s ongoing activities to support the industry?s continued growth, and its pursuit of a truly ecosystemic approach through its various financial service divisions to establish an integral financial infrastructure to support the commoditization of the Longevity Industry as a new asset class.

Kaminskiy also unveiled key take-aways from the most recent outputs of the Group?s 9-year journey to define the industry: his book, Longevity Industry 1.0: Defining the Biggest and Most Complex Industry in Human History (Second Edition) and Longevity Industry Journal 2022, a comprehensive 400-page overview of the industry developed by Deep Knowledge Group, Aging Analytics Agency and Longevity International Association.

In addition to Kaminskiy?s keynote address, other Deep Knowledge Group partners were present at Davos, including Stefan Hascoet (Head of Deep Knowledge Ventures Suisse) and Cecelia Yu (Managing Partner at Longevity.Capital), presenting a variety of the Group?s other new projects, reports and IT-Platforms, including Deep Knowledge Analytics? Global GovTech Industry Landscape Overview 2022 and Deep Knowledge Philanthropy?s Global Philanthropy Ecosystem and DeepTech for Social Good Landscape Overview 2022.

Source: Deep Knowledge Group

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