Medical Psychedelics Series At Davos To Showcase Clinical Efficacy Of Psychedelics To World Economic Forum Attendees

BY Benzinga | ECONOMIC | 05/19/22 02:26 PM EDT

This year, Davos, Switzerland, will host some of the world's most prominent psychedelic industry leaders and researchers in a separate satellite event that will run parallel to the World Economic Forum

From May 21 through 26, the Medical Psychedelic Series at Davos will feature industry executives, drug development experts, clinicians, nonprofit organizations, advocates and influencers from the psychedelics space.

Medical Psychedelic Series At Davos 2022

Every year, the Swiss ski resort town of Davos becomes the main stage for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, an international organization composed of some of the world's most influential investors, business and political leaders, academics, celebrities and journalists. 

The Forum's usual meeting dates of January were moved to May this year due to the outbreak of the Omicron variant of COVID-19. This year's meeting marks a return to in-person events after the 2020 outbreak of the virus. 

The Series will be held at the Medical Psychedelics House of Davos on the same dates as the World Economic Forum. The hope is to demonstrate the unparalleled clinical efficacy of psychedelic treatments to global leaders in town.

Hosted by Energia Holdings, a company that invests in preventative care, the series will be an opportunity for the entire industry to showcase its therapeutic and economic potential. 

"This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for the medical psychedelics ecosystem to share the breakthroughs in psychedelic therapeutics for the first time with world leaders," says Marik Hazan, CEO of Energia Holdings Incorporated. 

The series will feature educational talks and panels from some of the best-known figures in the psychedelics space, including Deepak Chopra, Jason Silva, Amanda Fielding, David Nichols, Rachel Yehuda and many others.

Conversations will focus on FDA approval, policy, safety and efficacy, biocultural preservation, drug development pipelines and patient access to psychedelic compounds as approved and regulated medicines.

"We want to spark conversations about the high unmet need in mental health, the future of regulatory approval for psychedelic-assisted therapy, provide a platform for establishing meaningful relationships and partnerships, and build trust with the global community," said Maria Velkova, managing partner of Tabula Rasa Ventures, a start-up accelerator which is part of the Energia platform.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash.

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