FreightWaves Launches SONAR Container Atlas Ocean Dashboard

BY GlobeNewswire | ECONOMIC | 05/10/22 12:47 PM EDT

Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, FreightWaves, the Global Leader in Supply Chain Data and Analytics, announced the Beta launch of SONAR Container Atlas - a new ocean dashboard that gives users visibility into the global container market through proprietary indices on volume and capacity. Container Atlas's proprietary data and visualization tools let users understand and anticipate changes in container market fundamentals and rates.??

?SONAR Container Atlas provides insight?to current and historic conditions in the global container market so users can make more informed business decisions,? said Craig Fuller, the Founder and CEO of FreightWaves. ?Being able to see the impact global supply chains have on the US supply chain is highly valuable and expands FreightWaves footprint right when the industry needs it.?

Container Atlas?s industry-leading ocean container bookings data gives users granular insight into the leading indicators of global freight demand. Container Atlas measures container ship capacity at a lane level where users can see how the total capacity dedicated to a lane changes over time, and how carriers respond to volume pressure in the near-term by accepting and rejecting bookings. In volatile markets, knowing which services are facing volume pressure, which ports are operating smoothly, and how many bookings are being rejected allows shippers to make more informed, and more profitable, decisions when negotiating with carriers.

Combined with other FreightWaves SONAR surface-level transportation data, users of the dashboard can obtain whole-of-supply chain network visibility. Taking into account historical conditions and port-by-port congestion trends, users can further compare conditions holistically and predictively. By analyzing transit times and congestion, shippers can determine cost-effective deviations to the port of entry and drive better decision making.

?Ocean Container Atlas provides the data and transparency teams need to create a chain of accountability that extends from their operations team, to their logistics partners, all the way to their executive team,? according to FreightWaves? Henry Byars. ?Rather than provide their executives with a summary of what they are hearing from overseas, they will be able to show them through data exactly how the market is shifting at any moment in time.?

Subscribers to FreightWaves? SONAR Container Atlas product have access to daily and historic Container Atlas data, as well as thousands of other pieces of data related to the global supply chain.? More information on FreightWaves data products can be found at Information on SONAR Container Atlas can be found online at

About FreightWaves

FreightWaves, with its headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is the nerve center of the global supply chain, bringing together world-class news, insights and market data. FreightWaves SONAR provides subscribers access to aggregated freight data to monitor domestic and global market activity. FreightWaves? current and historical data is generated from thousands of exclusive sources representing more than $200 billion of contract and spot freight transactions. is the leading global media site for supply chain news and commentary. ?

Supply chain, logistics, and global operations organizations use FreightWaves? market data to establish better benchmarks and enhance forecasting.

Jonathan Hoffman
Source: FreightWaves

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