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Currency War

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  • Report: U.S. Proposes Currency Manipulation Discussions Outside Of TPP

    Manufacturing Business Technology - 07/31/2015

    Amid ongoing negotiations over the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, the United States reportedly proposed convening member nations for a forum to combat currency manipulation. Although the forum would include top finance officials from...

  • FX trading – 7 trends the buy-side needs to consider

    FX-MM Magazine - 07/31/2015

    31 July 2015 • Source: Ivy Schmerken, Editorial Director, FlexTrade Systems It's hard to escape the headlines about FX trading lately. Words such as rigging, currency manipulation, chat rooms and billion dollar fines are grabbing attention and alarming many buy-side customers. It's an environment that could give pause to investors, so it's interesting to note that, in spite of these...

  • Trade ministers from 12 Pacific countries negotiating agreement in Hawaii

    Ifreepress - 07/30/2015

    Pacific Rim trading partners are considering setting up a top-level forum to consider ways to avoid currency manipulation in parallel to an ambitious 12-nation trade deal, Australian Trade Minister Andrew Robb said on Tuesday. The group supports trade reform, highlighting potential benefits of more seamless trade rules, reduced costs and “less red tape”. Now for a reality check. ▪ ...

  • Threat Of Cyber War - “Other Reason To Own Physical Gold”

    Scoop - 07/30/2015

    - “Physical gold is a non-digital asset. You can't attack it with cyberwarfare” – Rickards - Greek crisis was necessary step towards fiscal unity in Europe - “Euro creators want to force common fiscal control – Eurobonds” - Currency wars between U.S. and China may resume next year - Rickards emphasises...

  • House Democrats fear Trans-Pacific Partnership may lead to currency manipulation

    United Press International - 07/29/2015

    WASHINGTON, July 29 (UPI) -- Democratic House members argued last week that passage of Trans-Pacific Partnership would open the door to currency manipulation from countries participating in the TPP, resulting in the loss of millions of American jobs. "Countries that undervalue their currency do so to make their goods cheaper, giving them an unfair trade advantage and accelerating the▪ ...

  • Currency Devaluation: The Crushing Vice of Price

    Mish's Global Economic Trend - 07/29/2015

    Devaluation has a negative consequence few mention: the cost of imports skyrockets. When stagnation grabs exporting nations by the throat, the universal solution offered is devalue your currency to boost exports. As a currency loses purchasing power relative to the currencies of trading partners, exported goods and services become cheaper to those buying the products with competing▪ ...

  • Pacific partners may discuss currency rules along with TPP trade deal

    The Globe and Mail - 07/29/2015

    Pacific Rim trading partners might convene a top-level forum to discuss how to stop countries manipulating currencies for competitive advantage, Australian Trade Minister Andrew Robb said on Tuesday. Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting in Hawaii where ministers are negotiating a 12-nation trade...

  • Chihod calls for a “strike hard” for the currency manipulators

    Dinar Daddy - 07/29/2015

    Called member of a coalition of state law, MP Mohammad Chihod Prime Minister to zero tolerance and beaten with an iron hand with each accused of beating the...

  • Pacific trading partners consider currency forum-Australia's Robb

    Reuters UK - 07/28/2015

    LAHAINA, Hawaii, July 28 Pacific Rim trading partners are considering setting up a top-level forum to consider ways to avoid currency manipulation in parallel to an ambitious 12-nation trade deal, Australian Trade...

  • Renminbi: What lies ahead?

    Financial Times - 07/28/2015

    Li Keqiang did not shirk the issue of currency wars when he spoke to the Financial Times in April."We don't want to see a scenario in which...

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