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  • IMF Warning: Risk of global financial crash has increased

    Blue and Green Tomorrow - 10/08/2015

    IMF's financial counsellor José Viñals, has said the threat of instability and recession was one of a “triad of risks” that could knock 3% off global...

  • Calls for currency devaluation as confidence sinks

    IOL Sunday Tribune - 10/07/2015

    Harare - The continued fluctuation in the rand is hurting Zimbabwean manufacturers, prompting them to call for internal devaluation of the US dollar after the first manufacturing confidence index showed confidence in the industry at a lowly negative 33 percent. Zimbabwe has apparently become a warehouse for goods produced in other countries, mainly from South Africa, Malawi, Zambia and...

  • Hillary Clinton Voices Concern Over Trans-Pacific Partnership

    CRIENGLISH - 10/07/2015

    US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she does not support the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership. Clinton...

  • Clinton opposes 12-nation trade deal

    Detroit News Online - 10/07/2015

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks with supporters on Wednesday following a campaign stop at the Westfair Amphitheater in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Washington — Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton said Wednesday she does not support a 12-nation free trade deal — a blow to the White House but a boost for U.S. automakers that have demanded...

  • Pacific deal on currency manipulation spotlights Fed transparency

    Moneyweb Today - 10/06/2015

    As part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, emerging markets want to know what Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is thinking. As a sidebar to the largest trade pact in two decades, the US and 11 other Pacific Rim countries agreed not to manipulate foreign-exchange rates and to consult on monetary policies. Economies like Vietnam and Malaysia, which rely heavily on...

  • China's Yuan Tops Japan's Yen as Fourth Most Used Global Currency

    TheStreet.com - 10/06/2015

    NEW YORK ( TheStreet ) -- China's yuan has become the fourth most commonly used currency in the world, overtaking the Japanese yen for the first time, according to the latest report from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial...

  • Obama says TPP will 'raise the bar' on currency manipulation concerns

    Yahoo News - Singapore - 10/06/2015

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade...

  • Nebraska Farmers Union Strongly Opposes Proposed Flawed TPP Over Failure to Address Currency Manipulation

    KRVN Radio - 10/06/2015

    Lincoln, NE: John Hansen, President of Nebraska Farmers Union, a former USTR trade advisor for 14 years under Presidents Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama issued the following statement on behalf of his organization: “The recently finalized Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will perform in a manner consistent with the other cookie...

  • Make Double-Digit Profits on the World's Cheap Growth Addiction

    The Daily Caller - 10/06/2015

    History shows that the best thing a country can do to get out of dire financial straits is to make structural reforms. But it can take years – long, difficult years – for the country that's attempting reform, and the politicians responsible have a funny way of not getting re-elected. So many countries opt for the “currency war” method, artificially debasing their currencies. It...

  • Oxford Business Group: Ringgit weakness a double edged sword

    New Straits Times - 10/05/2015

    Sharp currency depreciation usually signals a domestic crisis in the making. On that score Malaysia is competing with ASEAN peers as well as Turkey, Russia, South Africa and Brazil, with the ringgit/USD exchange rate touching levels last seen in 1998, when there was a genuine crisis that wiped out billions in savings. This time though does seem different according to executives...

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