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  • Wage Pressures May Give Fed Push

    MoneyBeat - The Wall Street Journal - 03/01/2015

  • Advanced Beta Strategies in Fixed Income (SSGA)

    Institutional Investor, Inc. - 03/01/2015

    Advanced beta strategies at SSGA seek to extract factor-risk premia in fixed-income markets. Despite somewhat lagging equities as a formal construct, factor investing is not new to fixed income. Investors have traditionally positioned along risks related to duration, credit or term premia. These are, however, combinations of underlying risks. The corporate credit premium for...

  • Banks rush to cash in on good funding conditions

    WA Today - 03/01/2015

    Banks are rushing to take advantage of good funding conditions while they last with more big banks expected to ask investors to buy mortgage bonds in coming weeks. The amount of debt banks have raised by selling mortgage bonds is up 46 per cent in 2015 compared to the same time in 2014, with more than $6 billion in residential mortgage-backed securities issued in February. This...

  • US fund manager: Guggenheim going whole hog into Japan

    Nikkei Asian Review - 03/01/2015

    TOKYO -- Guggenheim Partners is making a full-fledged push into the Japanese market in order to tap demand in...

  • Investors Abroad Now Own 22% Of All DKK: Denominated Bonds

    Investing.com - 03/01/2015

    Danish investors only made small adjustments to ownership of foreign shares and bonds in January. Foreign investors net purchased DKK-denominated bonds for DKK18bn. Over the past year...

  • Investors Weekly Update: SPX On Major Buy Signal Since 2012

    Investing.com - 03/01/2015

    Our equity/bond model - This long term reliable investing model provides investors with simple decision making in the markets: When the model...

  • How to pick winners in bond markets amid ‘ridiculous' yields

    Institutional Investor - 03/01/2015

    Fixed income markets have continued to surprise investors so far in 2015, with a plunge in core bond yields to fresh lows leaving investors with some tough calls to make about where value still exists, says Kames Capital's David Roberts (pictured)… The latest rally for fixed income markets has left yields at ‘ridiculous' levels, according to Roberts. But while investors may now be...

  • Fledgling 'non-traditional' vehicles gain traction

    Financial Times - 02/28/2015

    Bond investors concerned that their returns will be hit by the Federal Reserve raising interest rates have been spurred to look beyond...

  • State Treasurer schedules sale of tax-exempt general obligation bonds

    Orange County Breeze - 02/28/2015

    State Treasurer John Chiang today announced the upcoming sale of $1.9 billion in tax-exempt State of California general obligation bonds. “With proceeds earmarked for the construction of roads, children's hospitals, schools, and other...

  • Illinois State Universities hires 4 emerging markets debt managers

    The Market Surge - 02/28/2015

    Illinois State Universities Retirement System , Champaign, hired BlueBay Asset Management, Prudential Fixed Income , Colchester Global Investors and Progress Investment Management to manage a total of $520 million in emerging markets debt, said Daniel L. Allen, SURS chief investment officer. The move is SURS' first specific allocation to emerging markets...

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