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  • Insurers' approved investments can only be in CNX 200, BSE 200 companies: Irdai draft

    All Web News - 07/03/2015

    The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Irdai) has, in its new draft on investments, said the equity investments in CNX 200 or BSE 200 can only be considered as approved investments. It further said other approved...

  • US monetary policy could be ‘step into unknown'

    FTAdviser - 07/03/2015

    Investors should prepare some dry powder in their portfolios to take advantage of a better buying situation should the credit markets falter in the US, a senior fixed income manager has warned. Anton Eser, co-head of global fixed income at Legal & General Investment Management, said that the impact of tighter US monetary policy was being underestimated by markets. He said: “Two...

  • Fed Rate Hike Is Nothing to Panic About

    Fidelity Management & Research Company - 07/03/2015

    If the Federal Reserve raises the funds rate, it's going to have an effect on fixed income retirement investments such as bonds. However, all is not lost. NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen sees waning economic headwinds, which means your investment strategy might need some upgrading before a potential rate hike. "Delaying action to tighten monetary policy...

  • Can Asian fixed income sustain its 'supercharged' growth?

    Investment Week - 07/03/2015

    Global bond markets have experienced dramatic changes since the heady days of the year 2000. Nowhere has that been more the case than in Asia, where from previously being a mere backwater of fixed income investment, there is now a myriad of opportunities. The most obvious change to look at is size. The sum of all domestic Asian bond markets (excluding Japan, but including India in...

  • Greek Faith Costs Bondholders $6 Billion as Crisis Deepens

    Bloomberg Business - 07/03/2015

    Investors that bet on a recovery after Greece restructured its debt have already lost a third of their money. Almost 5.5 billion euros ($6 billion) has been wiped off the 15 billion-euro face value of Greek bonds held by asset managers from Pacific Investment Management Co. to Carmignac Gestion SA, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The sovereign , financial and corporate notes...

  • Bond 'vigilante' leaves M&G after 12 years

    Citywire - 07/03/2015

    Government bond manager Mike Riddell ends a 12-year stint with M&G Investments, prompting a reshuffle of its fixed interest team. Government bond fund manager Mike Riddell is set to leave M&G Investments after 12 years within its fixed income...

  • AFRICA-DEBT-WEEKAHEAD-Nigeria forex curbs trigger bond market sell-off

    Reuters India - 07/03/2015

    LAGOS, July 3 More investors could exit Nigeria's bond market on concerns that new foreign exchange curbs would hinder capital repatriation, while Kenya's higher yielding short-term notes could attract more demand than Treasury bills. Nigeria's central bank restricted access to forex by importers in its bid to protect its reserves, but dealers say the measure is threatening the future...

  • Greek debt better shielded from vultures than Argentina's

    Reuters - 07/03/2015
    Press Release

    * Most Greek bonds have clauses making restructuring easier * Investor would need to spend large sums to hold out * Risks remain as lawyers point to ways around CACs LONDON, July 3 (Reuters) - Greece might be spared the decade-long legal battles Argentina faced if it ends up restructuring its debt, although lawyers say vulture funds might still hold Athens to ransom. The structure of...

  • Slower US bond demand may urge Fed rethink

    Financial Times - 07/03/2015

    The world looks increasingly scary, but US Treasuries, the safe haven investment of choice, have endured a rough few months. At the halfway...

  • AJ Bell Investcentre GIA now via Canadian Life offshore bonds

    FTSE Global Markets - 07/03/2015

    Investment platform AJ Bell Investcentre says it has established a link with Canada Life International Limited to provide investment capability for offshore bonds. AJ Bell's Investcentre...

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