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Investment Trends - Fixed Income Securities

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  • The Bond Market's Other Inflation Challenge

    The Wall Street Journal - 04/20/2014

    Global disinflation is a hot topic for bond investors. In the day-to-day life of markets, though, one form of inflation is proving sticky: in the order books for new issues. The bond market has recently seen some spectacular deals and spectacular order books. Verizon Communications VZ +1.06% demolished the record for a...

  • Not so Junky European Junk Bond ETFs

    Yahoo! Finance (Canada) - 04/19/2014

    More income investors are beginning to look into European speculative grade bond related exchange traded funds, as investors in Europe pick up high-yield debt at a record pace. According to Dealogic, high-yield corporate debt issuers in Europe have sold a record €18.5 billion, or $26 billion, euro-denominated bonds since January, up 17% year-over-year, reports Ben Ednwards for the Wall...

  • A historic return to int'l bond market

    Customs Today - 04/19/2014

    ISLAMABAD: After pause of seven years, Pakistan has again appeared on the radar screen of global investors by launching $2 billion bonds for next five and ten year period. Initially, the government intended to float a Euro bond worth $500 million but keeping in view highest subscription up to $6 billion, the country's economic managers took a decision in consultation with Prime Minister...

  • Single-digit inflation outlook to boost fixed income investments

    Nigeria Business News - 04/19/2014

    The single-digit inflation outlook in the country will generate further interest in Nigeria's fixed income securities from both domestic and foreign investors, a report has stated. FSDH Merchant Bank Limited which stated this in its latest monthly and economic report however warned that external or internal shocks...

  • Floating A Few Cents to Investors

    The Wall Street Journal - 04/18/2014

    In January, the U.S. Treasury began issuing floating-rate notes. Investors who want steady income are used to scrounging around trying to squeeze a little more cash flow out of their securities. Now Uncle Sam is coming to their aid. In January, the U.S. Treasury began issuing floating-rate notes or FRNs, the first major innovation in U.S. debt since inflation-protected securities...

  • Why investment-grade bond issuance last week beat expectations

    Yahoo! Finance - 04/18/2014

    Why didn't demand for Treasury notes and bonds rise much? (Part 8 of 8) Investment-grade bond issuance last week Investors willing to take a little higher risk than what they find in Treasuries, if they're in search of higher returns, can consider investing in investment-grade corporate bonds. In addition to interest rate risk, which also affects...

  • Survey says: Real estate is best long-term investment option

    Bizjournals - 04/18/2014

    A new Gallup poll found that Americans today are more likely to think real estate is the best option for long-term investment, and local real estate professionals aren't surprised. Gallup's Economic and Personal Finances Poll asked Americans to choose the best option among...

  • P&G, AT&T Among Citi's ‘Bond Refugee' Yieldy Dividend Stocks

    Barron's Income Investing Blog - 04/18/2014

    Income investors seeking better yields than bonds offer these days, take note. Citi equity researchers today updated their “Global Bond Refugees” screen, which they...

  • 5 Dividend Stocks Yielding More Than 5%

    Investor Place - 04/18/2014

    High-yield dividend stocks are in focus now that yields on the 10-year Treasury bond have rolled back. Income investors once again don't have...

  • Demand for 5-yr bond low, despite higher yield

    DailyNews - 04/18/2014

    HIKING of yield rate on the 5-year maturity bonds failed to attract investors' attention the situation that resulted into the government note to register slim oversubscriptions. Slight tight liquidity in the market and...


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