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  • Bond bubble fears start to keep investors awake

    Herald Scotland - 05/22/2015

    There has been a lot of hot air wasted in discussions about bond bubbles over the last few years, as yields have collapsed and prices have soared in the extraordinary world of zero interest rates and quantitative easing that we now live in. But these are certainly worrying times for bond investors. On 'bubbles' our view is simple: despite the fact that countries like Germany and...

  • Investors demand bigger spreads: Japan's corporate bond issuance hits 20-year low

    Nikkei Asian Review - 05/22/2015

    TOKYO -- Meager yields and unsettling volatility have put investors off Japanese corporate bonds, suggesting that prolonged quantitative easing is disrupting this vital market. To attract buyers for their debt, corporate issuers are having to fatten their premium...

  • Boxing in Potential Bond Profits

    Human Events - 05/22/2015

    A traditional bond investment could involve purchasing government bonds and mortgage-backed securities with maturity adjusted for the desired level of return. An exchange-traded fund (ETF) could use the same strategy. However, iShares iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF (LQD) provides another, potentially more rewarding,...

  • Atlantic City bond offering attracts hedge funds as buyers

    The Deal Pipeline - 05/22/2015

    The City of Atlantic City, N.J., attracted a contingent of hedge fund investors to its latest bond offering as it works to restructure its obligations and operations in an effort to avoid filing for bankruptcy, a city official said in an interview. Atlantic City's revenue and finance director, Michael Stinson, said Friday by phone that the city has completed a $40.56 million bond...

  • David Stockman: Brace for 'Huge, Nasty Morning After' When Stocks Collapse

    Newsmax Media Inc - 05/22/2015

    Former White House Budget Director and Newsmax Finance Insider David Stockman warns that stocks and bonds will soon crash and urged investors to brace for a “huge, nasty morning after.” "The markets are going to be in for a huge, nasty morning after as people begin to look at where we really are," the White House budget chief in the Reagan administration told CNBC. "We saw that...

  • Lack of investor confidence cause of Bond failure – Financial analyst

    StarrFM Online - 05/22/2015

    Investment analysts have attributed the failure of Thursday's three-year bond issued by government to the seeming declining investor confidence in the...

  • Why sovereign bond investors are like lizards

    CNBC - 05/22/2015

    The defensive tactics employed by sovereign bond investors mirror those used in the natural world by one of its lizards, according to Bryn Jones, the head of fixed income at wealth management firm Rathbones. A Pogona - commonly called the Bearded Dragon - has a throat that turns black and puffs out if it becomes stressed or is attacked. But if it fails to deter any rival, the reptile...

  • Investors still love U.S. bonds despite Fed warning

    WTSP TV - 05/22/2015

    Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen speaks in early May at the Institute for New Economic Thinking Conference on Finance and Security at the International Monetary Fund in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, File) Common sense says bond investors might want to lighten up on their...

  • Morningstar's Favorite International-Bond Funds

    Morningstar - 05/22/2015

    Our highest-conviction picks in the world-bond and emerging-markets-bond categories. Note: This article is part of Morningstar's May 2015 International Investing Week special report. World-bond and emerging-markets-bond funds are often considered niche investment categories, but they've been getting mainstream attention in recent years. Owing to an idiosyncratic strategy and...

  • Hong Kong, China to Liberalize Cross-Border Transactions

    NASDAQ.com - 05/22/2015

    HONG KONG--Hong Kong and Chinese regulators signed a deal allowing funds in both markets to be sold to investors on either side starting July 1, potentially allowing...

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