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  • Most Read on Bloomberg: Hedge Fund `Washout,' Falling Stocks

    Bloomberg Business - 05/01/2016

    The most-read Bloomberg News reports from the past week are listed below. The rankings are based on daily statistics through April 29. See READSUMS for previous lists. Most Dangerous Bond Market in History Divides BlackRock, Allianz (Bloomberg) -- Bond investors are taking bigger risks than ever before. Yields on $7.8 trillion of government bonds have been driven below zero...

  • MALCOLM BERKO: Will myRA become Social Security V2.0?

    Northwest Florida Daily News - 04/30/2016

    Dear Mr. Berko: What do you think of the new myRA, which was designed by the Treasury Department? There's no cost, and employers automatically take money from our paychecks and send it to financial people in Washington. The government will pay professionals to invest myRA money in stocks and bonds. There's no minimum balance, and I can invest as little as $5 at a time. There are...

  • Uh-Oh -- Investors Should Lower Their Expectations

    Daily Local News - 04/30/2016

    When it comes to investing, it looks like the party is over. A study by McKinsey Global Institute finds that investors should expect diminished returns over the next two decades, as the golden era of investing ends. MGI says returns on both...

  • Whole Life Insurance Vs. Bond Funds

    Zacks - 04/30/2016

    Whole life insurance is considered a type of cash value insurance because it contains a savings component that grows over time. A bond fund is essentially a mutual fund that invests solely in bonds. Whole life insurance and bond funds make sense for certain investors. Understanding the traits, benefits and risks of these financial instruments can help you decide if either one...

  • The Illinois Public Funds Investment Act The Illinois Public Funds Investment Act

    Zacks - 04/30/2016

    The Public Funds Investment Act regulates investment activities of Illinois public agencies. Public agencies in Illinois invest public funds in financial products, including Treasury bills, bonds, money market mutual funds and interest-bearing savings accounts. The Illinois Public Funds Investment Act -- an Illinois law in effect since July 2004 -- makes public agencies accountable...

  • Review questions ‘risky' bond investment plan

    Guernsey Press - 04/30/2016

    It has prompted further probing from Deputy Laurie Queripel, whose questions earlier this year revealed that only slightly more than a third of...

  • Vanguard Life Strategy Growth Fund (VASGX): A Performance Case Study

    Investopedia.com - 04/30/2016

    Vanguard LifeStrategy Growth Fund (“VASGX”) is a series of diversified, low-cost funds that provide a complete portfolio. The four funds that compose VASGX focus on domestic stock, international stock, domestic bonds and internal bonds. Approximately four-fifths of VASGX is invested in equity, and just under 33% of total fund assets are invested in international stocks. VASGX has...

  • FBALX: Fidelity Balanced Fund Portfolio Trends in 2016

    Investopedia.com - 04/30/2016

    The Fidelity Balanced Fund ("FBALX") seeks capital appreciation and income by investing in a mix of equity securities such as stock, and income-producing securities such as bonds. The fund's investment breakdown generally hovers around 60% in stocks and 40% in bonds. Its stock holdings are concentrated in large- growth companies , while most of its bonds are either U.S. government...

  • Is It Time to Wade Back into Emerging-Markets Debt?

    Institutional Investor, Inc. - 04/29/2016

    You must be a Registered User to print articles. Register today for inside access to our thought-provoking coverage of the global financial markets! After years of languishing for attention, emerging-markets debt is back on the investment radar. The skepticism over how long the asset class will sustain its momentum is understandable. Is now indeed the right time to get back...

  • DODIX: Dodge & Cox Income Fund Performance Case Study

    Investopedia.com - 04/29/2016

    The Dodge & Cox Income Fund (“DODIX”) seeks a stable rate of current income with long-term preservation of capital. DODIX invests in high-quality bonds and other debt securities. Up to one-fifth of the total fund assets may be invested in debt obligations rated below investment grade. As of Dec. 31, 2015, 46.3% of fund assets were invested in corporate stock, while 32.7% of...

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