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  • Easy Income with T-Bills

    Wealth Daily - 03/03/2015

    For a good dose of capital preservation, investors have historically turned to Treasury securities. T-bills, notes, bonds, and bond funds offer investors the stability they want from their investments, if not the returns they need to stay ahead of inflation. Take 10-year Treasury notes, where rates of return stood just north of 2% in recent years and are heading down to 1.70% in...

  • BTr awards P20-B short term T-bills

    Philstar.com - 03/02/2015

    MANILA, Philippines - The government's Treasury bill sale drew strong demand yesterday, reflecting investors' preference for short-dated debt securities. During yesterday's regular weekly auction, the Bureau of the Treasury raised P20 billion in fresh funds as banks snapped up safe haven debt instruments. The 91-day paper...

  • Treasury sells P20B in T-bills

    INQUIRER - 03/02/2015

    The Bureau of the Treasury on Monday made a full award of P20 billion in treasury bills to quench investors' appetite for short-term debt paper. The tenders for the bills totaled P60.89 billion, making the auction oversubscribed by more than thrice. For the 91-day bills, P8 billion were sold at an average rate of 1.397 percent, 14.4 basis...

  • MEPs ditch capital buffer rules for money market funds

    Irish Examiner.com - 02/26/2015

    Europe's money market funds will not have to hold costly capital to shield them from financial shocks following a vote by MEPs to soften proposed new rules for the...

  • Treasury bills yield rate down, demand up

    DailyNews - 02/26/2015

    DESPITE falling yield rates, the short term government papers continued to be impressive to investors thus recording oversubscriptions. According to the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) auction summary, yield rates across all tenors declined significantly but did not discourage investors to scramble for the investment...

  • ALDE Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Euro : New rules for Money Market Funds industry adopted

    4-Traders - 02/26/2015
    Press Release

    The Economic Affairs Committee in the European Parliament this morning adopted new rules for Europe's trillion euro money market funds industry, aimed at avoiding investor runs in a crisis. The Commission proposal included a controversial capital buffer on the CNAV MMF. It was clear that a capital buffer would have killed the CNAV industry. ALDE helped to ensure we have no capital...

  • EU lawmakers back revamp of money market funds

    Reuters - 02/26/2015

    LONDON (Reuters) - Europe's money market funds will not have to hold costly capital to shield them from financial shocks following a vote by European Union lawmakers to soften proposed new rules for the trillion-euro industry. The new regulations are designed to ensure stability in money market funds, which are used by companies and investors to park cash for short periods. The funds...

  • 24-Month CD Rates Today: Ascend Federal Credit Union at 0.75% APY

    Go Banking Rates - 02/25/2015

    24-Month CD Rates Today: Ascend Federal Credit Union at 0.75% APY Getting serious about saving money takes an account with an interest rate that takes your goals seriously.

  • Greek Public Debt Management Agency Asks Security Funds to Buy Repos

    Greece Greek Reporter - 02/24/2015

    The Public Debt Management Agency and the Labor Ministry have asked security funds to buy government repos in order to avoid potential liquidity problems. According to an Eleftheros Typos newspaper report, the PDMA and the Labor Ministry have asked 15 security...

  • Make your mutual fund debut via debt fund route

    The Times of India - 02/23/2015

    In India, most first-time investors in mutual funds are introduced to the sector through the equity fund route, which is relatively risky compared to debt funds. However, logically these investors should first invest in debt funds, that too in liquid funds which give slightly better returns than savings bank rates. After they get a taste of liquid funds and understand the advantages...

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