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  • Worse than low savings rates? Negative rates!

    Chicago Tribune - 02/09/2016

    The grandmas are getting restless -- along with all the other investors who would like to stash some money on the sidelines for safety but suddenly realize that cash earns no interest! Retirees who counted on living off their interest have grown impatient with the long period of almost zero interest on safe bank CDs and money market funds. These are the "chicken money" investors, and...

  • UBS : Asset Management announces changes to its money market fund platform

    4-Traders - 02/09/2016

    UBS Select Treasury Funds UBS AM previously announced changes to its UBS Select Treasury Funds in June 2015, affirming that the funds intend to qualify as 'government money market funds' under the SEC's amended rules. The funds will continue to invest in US Treasury securities and related repurchase agreements. Under the SEC's amended rules, these Treasury funds may maintain a CNAV...

  • Positive outlook for new pension regime - Petra Trust CEO predicts

    Graphic.com.gh - 02/08/2016

    The Managing Director of asset management company Petra Trust, Mr Kofi Fynn, has said the economy will experience enhanced benefits from the current pension regime when more innovative products emerge on the market as investment instruments for fund managers. He said since investment channels were largely restricted to treasury bills, corporate and treasury bonds and...

  • Nikko AM to return money-market cash to investors

    Financial Times - 02/08/2016

    The Bank of Japan's decision to impose negative interest rates has claimed its first victim. Nikko Asset Management, one of 11...

  • BOJ Roils $1.4 Trillion Money Market Industry as Nomura Suspends

    Bloomberg Business - 02/04/2016

    Nomura Asset Management Co. stopped accepting investments into some money-market funds as the $1.4 trillion dollar industry grapples with the negative interest rates introduced by the Bank of Japan last week. The brokerage said Friday it will...

  • Jospong urges media to go slow on Ghanaian businessmen

    Zipped Multimedia - 02/04/2016

    Chairman of the Jospong and Zoomlion Groups, Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong is appealing to the media to go slow on local businessmen and women as way of encouraging local investment. Speaking to senior news editors in the country, he noted that loads of wealthy Ghanaians have chosen to invest their moneys either outside the country or into treasury bills and bonds because "they are afraid...

  • Malaysian central bank to issue Islamic treasury bills

    Global Financial Conferences - 02/03/2016

    Since it stopped issuing long term sukuk last year to protect its domestic market, Malaysia has been looking for other avenues allowing it to boost the local market and attract foreign investment, with plans to issue Islamic treasury bills. Treasury bills provide an alternative, but for potential foreign investors the current economic climate and its effect on the country could deter...

  • Private finance company agrees to pay back misappropriated CEB funds

    The Island - 02/03/2016

    Power and Renewable Energy Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya yesterday said that a private finance company involved in the misappropriation of over two billion rupees in EPF funds belonging to the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) employees, invested in Treasury bonds in 2009, had agreed to pay back the money. He told the media in Colombo that four...

  • Bridging the Week - February 2016

    JD Supra - 02/02/2016

    Bank Wins Dismissal of Lawsuit Claiming It Misled FCM About the Appropriateness of an Investment for Customer Segregated Funds: A lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase & Co., and various affiliates and employees (collectively, “JPMorgan”), claiming they improperly induced MBF Clearing Corp, a former futures commission merchant, to improperly invest customer funds, was dismissed last week by a New▪ ...

  • 5 Top-Ranked Short-Term Government Bond Mutual Funds To Buy

    Seeking Alpha - 02/02/2016

    Mutual funds investing in debt securities are among the most secure investment options, which provide regular income while protecting the capital invested. Funds, which are part of this category, bring a great deal of stability to portfolios with a large proportion of equity, while providing dividends more frequently than individual bonds. U.S. government bond funds usually invest in...

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