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  • Tata MF introduces Tata Regular Savings Equity Fund

    Money Control - 07/30/2015

    Tata Mutual Fund introduces 'Tata Regular Savings Equity Fund'. This scheme has been structured by changing some of the fundamental attributes of 'Tata Monthly Income Fund'. The investment objective of the scheme is to provide long term capital appreciation...

  • T.bills oversubscribed as liquidity squeeze eases

    DailyNews - 07/30/2015

    THE easing liquidity squeeze in the market has seen short term government notes starting to pick up and register more subscriptions compared to the previous period. Poor performance of the short and long term government securities since June this year has been attributed to dry liquidity market...

  • Tata Mutual Fund renames, restructures existing scheme

    The Economic Times - 07/30/2015

    MUMBAI: Tata Mutual Fund has restructured its already existing monthly income fund with added features and renamed it as Regular Savings Equity Fund. "Tata Regular Savings Equity Fund is part of our continued endeavour to offer our customers a portfolio of innovative products and investment options.

  • Goldman Sachs Changes Its Money Fund Lineup Amid New Regulations

    Bloomberg Business - 07/29/2015

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is starting two money market funds and making changes to two others amid stricter rules for funds that offer a stable $1 net asset value. The Goldman Sachs Investor Money Market Fund, the firm's first retail fund under the new rules, will be sold to...

  • India: New rules issued on unclaimed funds

    Middle East Insurance Review - 07/28/2015

    Insurers will have to comply with new rules beginning on 1 January next year, governing how they handle unclaimed funds. Non-life, health and life insurers will have...

  • Federated Investors, Inc. Completes Transition of Shareholder Assets from Reich & Tang Money Market Funds

    PR Newswire - 07/28/2015
    Press Release

    July 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Federated Investors, Inc. (NYSE: FII), one of the nation's largest investment managers, today completed the transition of shareholder assets from Reich & Tang's domestic and offshore money market funds. In connection with the transition, approximately $4 billion in shareholder accounts from six Reich & Tang money market funds were transitioned into Federated...

  • Default Risk Premium Calculation

    Zacks - 07/24/2015

    The default risk premium is also referred to as the market risk premium. Investments are priced in the market based on risk. The riskier a particular asset, the greater the required return. The capital asset pricing model is used to help calculate an intrinsic value, or price, for a security. Analysts can then...

  • New Repo rules being introduced

    RJR News - 07/22/2015

  • ECB European Central Bank : New breakdowns of monetary and financial statistics

    4-Traders - 07/22/2015
    Press Release

    The forthcoming statistical releases on monetary developments, bank retail interest rates, investment funds and financial vehicle corporations will include new breakdowns, which adhere to the recently adopted version of the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010) The new data will enhance the ECB's statistical frameworks for monetary analysis and for analyses relating to financial stability...

  • Voth Nixon Group Emphasizes Importance Of Risk Management

    Live-PR.com - 07/20/2015
    Press Release

    20.07.2015 16:29:05 - As an effort to coach investors regarding the importance of risk management, Voth Nixon Group has published an informational guidance called “Discover Top Four Hidden Risks That Can Reflect Into Your Portfolioâ€. (...

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