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Fixed Income, Bonds & CDs

Whether you are an experienced bond investor or thinking about investing in bonds and CDs for the first time, we have the people to enable you to get the most out of Fidelity's bond resources. Give us a call and let's discuss how we can help.

Fixed Income Specialists & Consultants

Strategically located nationwide, our fixed income specialists work with you and your financial consultant to provide bond strategies and trading expertise when you need it.

  • Build a bond ladder to create an income stream or review your bond holdings with a fixed income analysis report.
  • Take advantage of our new issue offerings with minimal transaction costs.
  • Meet with you and your financial consultant face-to-face, where available.

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High Net Worth Bond Desk Services

If you have a large and complex bond portfolio and have over $3 million in bonds or CDs to invest, then our High Net Worth Bond Desk could be right for you.

  • Dedicated 1:1 relationship for your fixed income portfolio
  • In-depth review of your bond holdings through your fixed income analysis report
  • Automatic access for clients of Fidelity Private Wealth Management®

Learn more about Fidelity's High Net Worth Bond Desk (PDF)

Financial Consultants

Financial consultants play a central role in understanding your overall financial situation. Understand how they engage with fixed income specialists to meet and deliver your bond investing needs.

  • A trusted partner that can help you build, manage, and preserve your wealth while providing overall guidance regarding your investment portfolio
  • A dedicated 1:1 relationship accessible over the phone or face-to-face meetings at our Investor Centers nationwide

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Why Buy Bonds & CDs at Fidelity

At Fidelity we aspire to provide you with a broad set of resources to help you build and manage your bond portfolio – and to do so at low and transparent prices. That combination equates to a great value for you.

  • Engage with sophisticated yet simple to use tools on the web.
  • Leverage Fidelity’s fixed income specialists and let us generate your personalized Bond Ladder or Analysis report for you.

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The Value of Managed Accounts

Investment professionals do the work for you by actively managing your money. You gain:

  • The experience of Fidelity through all kinds of markets and a sophisticated approach to risk management.
  • Access to proprietary and third-party research.
  • A dedicated portfolio specialist for in-depth quarterly and annual reviews.

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Fidelity keeps you informed

  • Fidelity.com provides secure and easy access to your account and performance information.
  • Account activity reports provide detailed information on trades made in your account.
  • A year-end tax statement reports all account transactions and tax basis information.

Buying New Issue Bonds

Fidelity makes certain new issue products available with no transaction fee.* Fidelity may receive compensation from issuers for participating in the offering as a selling group member and/or underwriter.

Accessibility of new issues varies for individual investors, with the Treasury market most accessible and the corporate market least accessible.

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Guidance provided is educational.

*Fidelity offers investors the opportunity to participate in both the new issue and secondary bond markets. Investors pay no commissions or mark-ups when participating in new issue offerings, but Fidelity charges a mark-up/mark-down or commission in the secondary market. (See Fidelity Brokerage Commission & Fee Schedule (PDF) for more information.)
In general the bond market is volatile, and fixed income securities carry interest rate risk. (As interest rates rise, bond prices usually fall, and vice versa. This effect is usually more pronounced for longer-term securities.) Fixed income securities also carry inflation risk and credit and default risks for both issuers and counterparties. Unlike individual bonds, most bond funds do not have a maturity date, so avoiding losses caused by price volatility by holding them until maturity is not possible.
Lower-quality debt securities generally offer higher yields, but also involve greater risk of default or price changes due to potential changes in the credit quality of the issuer. Any fixed income security sold or redeemed prior to maturity may be subject to loss.
Before investing, consider the funds' investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. Contact Fidelity for a prospectus or, if available, a summary prospectus containing this information. Read it carefully.