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  1. Private Employment Increases By 192,000, Beats Forecasts: 'Hiring Was Broad-Based In April'
    Benzinga | 05/01/24 08:23 AM EDT

    The rate of job creation in U.S. private sector businesses surpassed predictions in April, indicating continued strength in the employment landscape. Private employers added 192,000 new jobs last month, slightly down from an upwardly revised 208,000 in March, surpassing the projected 175,000, according to the most recent ADP National Employment Report.

  2. Jim Cramer Attributes April Market Sell-Off To Interest Rate Concerns: 'They're Going To Keep Dumping Stocks ...'
    Benzinga | 05/01/24 12:21 AM EDT

    Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC?s ?Mad Money,? has attributed the recent market downturn to concerns about interest rates. What Happened: On Tuesday, Cramer discussed the market?s performance, emphasizing the impact of potential interest rate changes by the Federal Reserve, reported CNBC.

  3. S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 Snap 5-Month Winning Streak In April As Inflation Reality Check Hits Bullish Sentiment
    Benzinga | 04/30/24 04:38 PM EDT

    The U.S. stock market broke a streak of five consecutive months of gains in April, reigniting concerns about the impact of rising inflationary pressures and the potential for a prolonged restrictive monetary policy by the Federal Reserve.

  4. Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu Pumped After The Last FOMC Meeting?Will History Repeat On Wednesday?
    Benzinga | 04/30/24 12:53 PM EDT

    Pseudonymous cryptocurrency trader Kevin recently shared his thoughts on the upcoming Federal Open Market Committee meeting, predicting it could have a sizeable impact on the cryptocurrency market. What Happened: Kevin in his latest tweet emphasized the importance of the meeting, set to take place on Wednesday, as a catalyst for the next significant move in the market.

  5. Euro Zone Inflation Stalls, Central Bank Considers Rate Cut: 'Path From Here Likely To Be Bumpy'
    Benzinga | 04/30/24 12:47 PM EDT

    In April, inflation rates across Europe remained consistent at 2.4%, aligning with economists? predictions, while the region experienced economic growth in the initial quarter of the year. This stable inflation rate continues a trend below 3% for the seventh consecutive month, despite a brief increase in December, influenced by rising energy costs, CNBC reports.

  6. Is Hawkish Shift On Inflation Imminent? Wall Street Analysts, Traders Brace For Fed Impact
    Benzinga | 04/30/24 11:51 AM EDT

    Investors are on edge ahead of Wednesday?s Federal Open Market Committee meeting, as policymakers meet following a slew of higher-than-anticipated inflation readings that have dashed hopes for near-term interest rate cuts.

  7. Raoul Pal Predicts Crypto To Enter 'Banana Zone' Soon And $100 Trillion Market Cap Within 10 Years
    Benzinga | 04/29/24 03:05 PM EDT

    Prominent macro guru and former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal shared his insights on why he believes crypto is the biggest macro opportunity of all time. What Happened: In a recent podcast titled ?The Big Picture,? Pal argues that the ongoing debasement of currencies by central banks, coupled with the rapid adoption of crypto technology, has created a unique investment opportunity.

  8. Boeing To Raise $10B Via Bond Sale Amid Credit Rating Downgrade - Will Investors Show Confidence?
    Benzinga | 04/29/24 02:10 PM EDT

    Boeing Co??is set?to embark on a bond sale, aiming to raise $10 billion amid challenges like a recent quarterly loss and Moody?s credit rating downgrade. Moody?s downgrade, which leaves Boeing?s credit rating just a step above junk, underscores the company?s current financial strain.

  9. Federal Reserve Meeting Preview: High Interest Rates 'Need More Time To Work,' Bank of America Says
    Benzinga | 04/29/24 10:17 AM EDT

    Recent inflation surprises have left the Federal Reserve without sufficient confidence to consider interest rate reductions, prompting a scenario of higher-for-longer interest rates. That?s the insight coming from Bank of America?s U.S. economist Michael Gapen ahead of this week?s Federal Open Market Committee meeting and interest rate decision, due at 2 p.m. ET Wednesday.

  10. Fed's Key Inflation Indicator Hits 2.8%, Dashes Rate Cut Hopes; Traders On Alert
    Benzinga | 04/26/24 08:36 AM EDT

    The Federal Reserve?s preferred measure of inflation ? the Personal Consumption Expenditure price index ? rose more than expected in March, confirming concerning signs of a resurgence in inflationary pressures in the first quarter of the year.

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