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  1. Bitcoin Logs Biggest Single-Day Gain Since October, Market-Neutral Bets Yield 3x U.S. Treasury Notes
    Coindesk | 02/29/24 12:46 AM EST

    The attractive yield on the market-neutral cash and carry trade could draw more money to the crypto market.

  2. Binance Nigeria Moved $26B Worth of Untraceable Funds in 2023, Central Bank Chief Says: Reports
    Coindesk | 02/28/24 08:56 AM EST

    The country's facing a crippling foreign exchange crisis and looking for ways to limit capital outflows, including via crypto.

  3. Crypto, Tokenization, AI Are Priorities for Monitoring, FSB Says Ahead of G20 Meeting
    Coindesk | 02/26/24 07:27 AM EST

    The Financial Stability Board plans to publish a status report on its Crypto (CRCW) roadmap and a report on the financial stability implications of tokenization.

  4. The European Central Bank Is Either Lying About Bitcoin or Lying to Itself
    Coindesk | 02/22/24 02:26 PM EST

    ECB Director General Ulrich Bindseil and advisor J?rgen Schaaf are definitely against bitcoin, but their reasons don?t make a lot of sense.

  5. Bitcoin ETF Approval Comparable to 'Naked Emperor?s New Clothes,? ECB Officials Say
    Coindesk | 02/22/24 06:39 AM EST

    The U.S. SEC?s approval of multiple spot ETFs and the billions of dollars that have poured in since doesn't make Bitcoin a good investment or a better means of payment, the central bankers said in a blog post.

  6. Hong Kong's Central Bank Issues Guidance for Firms Offering Crypto Custodial Services
    Coindesk | 02/20/24 10:09 AM EST

    Hong Kong's central bank issued guidance for authorized institutions interested in providing custody services for digital assets.

  7. Bitcoin's Latest Rally Is Different as BTC Rises Alongside U.S. Dollar and Treasury Yields
    Coindesk | 02/16/24 06:30 AM EST

    Bitcoin has managed to chalk out a double-digit rally recently, ignoring the strength in the dollar index and Treasury yields.

  8. U.S. Federal Reserve Gov. Waller Says DeFi Could Boost Dollar's Global Strength
    Coindesk | 02/15/24 03:20 PM EST

    Crypto (CRCW) critics often warn of digital currencies' potential to destabilize the U.S. dollar, but Federal Reserve Gov. Christopher Waller argued that stablecoins' dependence on the dollar could actually strengthen the U.S. fiat currency as decentralized finance (DeFi (DEFTF)) catches on.

  9. Bitcoin Drops 2% on Hotter-Than-Expected U.S. Inflation
    Coindesk | 02/13/24 10:03 AM EST

    The CPI reading reduced expectations for interest-rate cuts in the next months, weighing on risk assets such as crypto.

  10. Cryptodollar Minting Protocol M^0 Will Allow Institutions to Issue Stablecoins Backed by U.S. Treasuries
    Coindesk | 02/08/24 10:00 AM EST

    M^0, a protocol that allows global institutions to mint fungible T-bills backed stablecoins, has unveiled its white paper, website and other details about the protocol. The team, which includes heavy-hitting stablecoin pioneers from MakerDAO and Circle, emerged from stealth last year with a muscular $22.5 million seed round led by Pantera Capital.

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