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  1. Florida economy adds jobs as hiring moderates in May
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 06/22/22 01:05 PM EDT

    Florida?s unemployment rate has been lower than the national rate for 18 consecutive months, the state Department of Economic Opportunity says.

  2. Muni yields rise further ahead of Fed rate hikes
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 06/14/22 04:27 PM EDT

    Triple-A yield curves rose five to eight basis points. Volatility somewhat eased Tuesday as investors took pause ahead of the Federal Open Market Committee meeting.

  3. Fed nominee Barr 'well positioned' for confirmation after Senate hearing
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 05/19/22 04:26 PM EDT

    The Biden administration?s pick for Federal Reserve vice chair for supervision faced questions about climate change, digital assets and the central bank?s independence. But he did not meet the same resistance from Republicans as the White House?s first choice, Sarah Bloom Raskin, observers said.

  4. Munis slightly off; USTs, equities mixed ahead of FOMC decision
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 05/03/22 03:48 PM EDT

    The municipal market was marked by some skittishness among investors on Tuesday as a new month gets underway.

  5. Munis mixed, outperform USTs ahead of FOMC meeting
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 04/29/22 04:12 PM EDT

    Investors will be greeted Monday with a steep drop in volume, with the new-issue calendar estimated at $4.583 billion ? less than half of this week's supply.

  6. Small banks doubt the Fed can avert a recession
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 04/28/22 10:25 AM EDT

    In a recent survey, just over half of community bankers expressed concern that the central bank will harm the U.S. economy by raising rates too fast in its quest to contain inflation.

  7. Munis ignore UST improvements; Washington sells $1.32B of GOs
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 04/26/22 04:27 PM EDT

    Relative cheapness, wider spreads and underperformance in munis are providing better value, all set against a very solid and resilient credit background, analysts say, but supply is testing investor sentiment amid volatility.

  8. Fed turns to private sector to beef up tech staff
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 04/18/22 09:01 PM EDT

    The Federal Reserve has hired five executives from the stablecoin issuer Circle and at least one employee of Ripple since 2019 as part of its technology-focused recruiting efforts. It plans to do more hiring in the years ahead to aid its work on faster payments and central bank digital currencies.

  9. Munis underperform post CPI-led UST rally
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 04/12/22 04:28 PM EDT

    The March consumer price index offered little to deter the Federal Reserve from its aggressive plans, but markets saw it as a positive, having feared an upside miss.

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