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  1. Active primary, constructive secondary push muni yields lower
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 06/22/22 04:41 PM EDT

    The Investment Company Institute reported investors pulled $6.243 billion from muni bond mutual funds in the week ending June 15.

  2. Cleveland State University's housing goals have rating cost
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 06/22/22 03:49 PM EDT

    Moody's downgraded the university and its housing and parking borrowing arm ahead of a bond sale to support the school's goal of increasing on-campus housing.

  3. Austin, Texas, schools eye November for largest-ever bond election
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 06/22/22 01:57 PM EDT

    Austin Independent School District may put as much as $1.5 billion of bonds on the Nov. 8 ballot with some of the proceeds earmarked for building security.

  4. Florida economy adds jobs as hiring moderates in May
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 06/22/22 01:05 PM EDT

    Florida?s unemployment rate has been lower than the national rate for 18 consecutive months, the state Department of Economic Opportunity says.

  5. Alabama plans $725 million sale of tax-exempt prison revenue bonds
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 06/22/22 12:03 PM EDT

    After a deal fell apart last year amid controversy over private prisons, the state returns with new underwriters and a traditional municipal finance structure.

  6. State lawmaker wants audit of San Jose-area transit agency
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 06/22/22 11:44 AM EDT

    The double-A rated Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority has operated under a cloud for decades, according to Assemblymember Marc Berman.

  7. Denver Airport gets ratings lift from Moody?s
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 06/21/22 04:06 PM EDT

    The airport benefits from growing population ?that skew[s] young and wealthy,? the rating agency said.

  8. Steadier tone ahead of uptick in supply
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 06/21/22 03:57 PM EDT

    The lighter calendar may help ease the imbalance between demand and supply, as selling pressure in the secondary has weighed significantly on the market tone.

  9. Western New York school plans BANs to finance child abuse settlement
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 06/21/22 01:57 PM EDT

    The Kenmore-Tonawanda school district in Erie County, New York, may piggyback on a planned August note sale.

  10. Deal funds utilities, infrastructure at Milwaukee Regional Medical Center
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 06/21/22 01:49 PM EDT

    This week's $61.8 million Wisconsin Health and Educational Facilities Authority deal folds two new subsidiaries into the obligated group.

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Lower-quality debt securities generally offer higher yields, but also involve greater risk of default or price changes due to potential changes in the credit quality of the issuer. Any fixed income security sold or redeemed prior to maturity may be subject to loss.

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