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  1. New York's BAN rollover law could impact long-term issuance
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 09/08/20 03:53 PM EDT

    New York's law permitting municipalities to extend rollover periods on bond anticipation notes provides budget flexibility, but it's unclear how it will impact long-term debt.

  2. Municipals steady as market searches for direction
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 09/08/20 03:44 PM EDT

    The fluid nature of municipal credit during the coronavirus is countering what are 'fairly solid technical factors' for the market while participants await news out of Washington for more stimulus.

  3. Minnesota finance chief Myron Frans hands reins to predecessor
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 09/08/20 03:04 PM EDT

    The Minnesota Management and Budget commissioner is moving to the University of Minnesota after a decade with the state, and his MMB predecessor replaces him.

  4. Dissecting recent rhetoric regarding municipals
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 09/08/20 01:51 PM EDT

    The loss estimates due to COVID-19 for states at $555 billion through June 30, 2022 and for cities at $360 billion could very well prove to be on the low side.

  5. Rhode Island bus-hub plans stir controversy
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 09/08/20 10:31 AM EDT

    State officials would break up the Kennedy Plaza depot in Providence and create smaller hubs around the city, using bond money voters approved six years ago.

  6. Veteran California municipal advisor Thomas Johnsen has died
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 09/04/20 03:31 PM EDT

    Johnsen, 67, had served as a board member of the National Association of Municipal Advisors. He retired in 2018 as a principal of Fieldman, Rolapp & Associates.

  7. New PREPA director nominated
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 09/04/20 02:29 PM EDT

    Puerto Rico's governor promotes an insider to run the power authority.

  8. Munis firm ahead of $7.1B calendar
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 09/04/20 01:50 PM EDT

    As the long Labor Day holiday beckoned, munis remained mostly steady in quiet trading. Cal trades up.

  9. Lower-than-expected unemployment rate could impact stimulus
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 09/04/20 01:00 PM EDT

    The August employment report was better than anticipated, which could impact the stimulus package being negotiated in Washington, analysts say.

  10. Austin loses triple-A rating ahead of $271 million bond sale
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 09/04/20 12:24 PM EDT

    Moody's cited high leverage and fixed costs attributable to the city's pension and other post-employee benefit plans. Voters decide on new bonds in November.

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