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  1. KBRA Assigns Chicago Midway International Airport Senior Lien GARBs A, Stable Outlook; Affirms Second Lien Bonds
    Business Wire | 12/08/23 05:00 PM EST

    KBRA assigns a long-term rating of A, with a Stable Outlook to the City of Chicago ? Chicago Midway Airport Senior Lien Airport Revenue and Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2023A; Senior Lien Airport Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2023B; and Senior Lien Airport Revenue Refunding Bonds Series 2023C.

  2. KBRA Assigns AA+ Rating to State of Connecticut General Obligation Bonds 2024 Series A, B and C; Affirms Rating for Parity Bonds
    Business Wire | 12/07/23 03:35 PM EST

    KBRA assigns a long-term rating of AA+ with a Stable Outlook to the State of Connecticut: General Obligation Bonds; General Obligation Bonds; and, General Obligation Refunding Bonds. Key Credit Considerations The rating actions reflect the following key credit considerations: Credit Positives. Credit Challenges. Rating Sensitivities For Upgrade. For Downgrade.

  3. KBRA Assigns BBB- Ratings to JFK NTO LLC?s $2.0 Billion Special Facilities Revenue Bonds and Affirms Existing Ratings
    Business Wire | 12/06/23 03:47 PM EST

    KBRA assigns its BBB- ratings to JFK NTO LLC?s aggregate $2.0 billion special facilities revenue bonds, and affirms the existing ratings associated with JFK NTO LLC?s senior secured facilities for Phase A of the Terminal One redevelopment project, also called New Terminal One, at New York?s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

  4. Assured Guaranty Municipal Insures $800 Million of Bonds for JFK International Airport?s New Terminal One Project
    Business Wire | 12/06/23 10:05 AM EST

    Part of $2 Billion Issue to Fund Expanded Capacity to Meet Future Needs Assured Guaranty Municipal Corp.* insured $800 million of senior Special Facilities Revenue Bonds, Series 2023, issued by the New York Transportation Development Corporation on December 6. The bonds insured by AGM are part of a $2 billion issue of fixed-rate bonds that has been designated as Green Bonds.

  5. MarketAxess Announces Monthly Volume Statistics for November 2023
    Business Wire | 12/05/23 06:34 AM EST

    Record Total Credit Trading Volume of $303.3 Billion; Record Eurobonds Trading Volume of $43.7 Billion and Record Municipal Bond Trading Volume of $12.6 Billion MarketAxess Holdings Inc. (MKTX), the operator of a leading electronic trading platform for fixed-income securities, today announced monthly trading volume and preliminary variable transaction fees per million for November 2023.1 Chris Concann...

  6. BNY Mellon Municipal Bond Infrastructure Fund, Inc. (NYSE: DMB) Announces Distribution
    Business Wire | 12/04/23 05:09 PM EST

    BNY Mellon Municipal Bond Infrastructure Fund, Inc. (DMB) today announced a distribution of $0.0300 per share of common stock, payable on January 2, 2024 to shareholders of record at the close of business on December 19, 2023. The Fund intends to make regular monthly distributions to its common shareholders at a level rate based on its projected performance.

  7. KBRA Assigns K1+ Rating to Cobb County School District, GA's Short-Term Construction Notes, Series 2024; Affirms K1+ Rating for Series 2023 Construction Notes and AAA Rating for Implied GO Credit
    Business Wire | 12/04/23 04:40 PM EST

    KBRA assigns a short-term rating of K1+ to Cobb County School District, Georgia's Short-Term Construction Notes, Series 2024, due December 15, 2024. Additionally, KBRA affirms the short-term rating of K1+ on the District's Short-Term Construction Notes, Series 2023 due December 15, 2023, and the long-term rating of AAA with a Stable Outlook for the District's Implied General Obligation Credit.

  8. BNY Mellon Municipal Bond Closed-End Funds Declare Distributions
    Business Wire | 11/29/23 04:15 PM EST

    BNY Mellon Investment Adviser, Inc. announced today that BNY Mellon Municipal Income, Inc., BNY Mellon Strategic Municipal Bond Fund, Inc. (DSM) and BNY Mellon Strategic Municipals, Inc. (LEO) have declared a monthly distribution for each Fund's common shares as summarized below.

  9. KBRA Assigns an A+ Rating to the State of Louisiana Economic Damages Revenue Bonds [LA 1/LA 415 Connector Project]; Affirms Rating for Parity Debt; Outlook is Stable
    Business Wire | 11/21/23 10:39 PM EST

    KBRA assigns a long-term rating of A+ to the State of Louisiana Economic Damages Revenue Bonds [LA 1/LA 415 Connector Project], with a final maturity of September 1, 2033, and at the same time affirms the long-term rating of A+ for parity debt.

  10. BlackRock Closed-End Funds Announce Renewal of Share Repurchase Programs
    Business Wire | 11/15/23 04:30 PM EST

    BlackRock Advisors, LLC announced today that the Boards of Directors/Trustees of fifty BlackRock municipal, taxable fixed income, equity, and multi-asset closed-end funds have authorized the renewal of open market share repurchase programs.

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