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  1. Supply scarcity supporting muni outperformance
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 04:40 PM EDT

    Several large new issues priced. Municipal yields were little changed, U.S. Treasuries were weaker on the short end and stocks ended in the red ahead of the much-anticipated July inflation figure.

  2. Oklahoma Turnpike bonds conditionally approved
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 04:17 PM EDT

    The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority has until Feb. 5, 2023, to resolve lawsuits and get court validation.

  3. Court weighs judgment request in SEC's case against muni advisor
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 02:41 PM EDT

    The SEC is opposing municipal advisor Brandon Comer's request for a summary judgment in a case, where the Commission alleged Comer breached his fiduciary duty.

  4. Detroit returns to bankruptcy court for pension funding dispute
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 01:05 PM EDT

    Detroit says it can't afford to shave 10 years off the amortization schedule of its public safety pension obligations.

  5. A quiet start to a larger new-issue week led by L.A. Airports
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 08/08/22 04:34 PM EDT

    Weekly supply is holding below $5 billion, reinvestment needs are still in effect from large redemptions and fund flows are leaning more positive, noted FHN Financial's Kim Olsan.

  6. Cook County hits market with $500M, plus more positive rating news
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 08/08/22 03:49 PM EDT

    Moody's revised Cook County, Illinois' outlook to positive ahead of its mix of sales tax-backed and general obligation bond deals.

  7. Alternative trading system growth picks up in 2022
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 08/08/22 01:04 PM EDT

    The number of customer transactions completed through ATSs jumped from 161,436 in 2015 to upward of 500,000 in 2021. In the first half of this year alone, over 442,000 transactions were executed on an ATS.

  8. Senate passes climate, tax bill
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 08/08/22 11:44 AM EDT

    States and localities are in line for clean energy funding, some of which builds on grant programs in the bipartisan infrastructure law.

  9. Venerable municipal statesman Frank Hoadley mourned
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 08/05/22 03:52 PM EDT

    Frank Hoadley retired in 2013 after 25 years as Wisconsin's capital finance director during which he built a reputation as a standard bearer of state debt management.

  10. Munis outperform UST rout, but damage felt across the curve
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 08/05/22 03:46 PM EDT

    Investors will be greeted Monday with an increase in supply with the new-issue calendar estimated at $5.941 billion, up from total sales of $1.700 billion.

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