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  1. Fed Beige Book Shows Modest Economic Expansion: Energy Prices On The Rise, 'Sharp Increases In Insurance Rates'
    Benzinga | 02:15 PM EDT

    The latest Federal Reserve Beige Book report released Wednesday shows a slight expansion in overall economic activity, with 10 of the 12 districts showing growth, a mild improvement from previous findings. Consumer spending displayed minimal growth, manufacturing activity declined slightly and employment rose modestly. Several regions noted a cautiously optimistic economic outlook.

  2. Powell Delays Fed Rate Cuts, Says 'We Need Greater Confidence In Inflation': 2-Year Yields Spike To 5%
    Benzinga | 04/16/24 02:19 PM EDT

    Fed Chair Jerome Powell stated Tuesday that progress towards the 2% inflation target has recently stalled, prompting the Federal Reserve to prefer holding rates and delaying policy easing to a more appropriate time in the future. Powell acknowledged that the U.S. economy has been notably robust over the past year, with the labor market moving into a better balance despite ongoing strength.

  3. Homebuilder Stocks Tumble As Housing Starts Fall By 14.7%: 'A Poor Time To Buy A Home,' Says Economist
    Benzinga | 04/16/24 11:32 AM EDT

    Homebuilder stocks face sharp declines as the SPDR Homebuilders ETF drops 1.8% in Tuesday?s session, hitting its lowest level since Feb. 26, 2024, amid negative economic data. From the start of the month, this performance gauge has fallen approximately 10%, marking the first market correction since September 2023 after a significant 60% rally in the six months leading up to late March.

  4. IMF Expects Lower Interest Rates Unless Middle East Conflict Escalates: 'There Will Be Higher Inflation, Lower Output'
    Benzinga | 04/16/24 10:31 AM EDT

    The U.S. economy is projected to outshine its advanced counterparts in the coming years with a notable upward revision in its growth forecasts, according to the April 2024 World Economic Outlook. The forecast predicts a 2.7% growth for the U.S. in 2024 ? an improvement by 0.6 percentage points from January?s projections.

  5. Bond Yields Surge To 6-Month Highs As Likelihood Of No-Landing Scenario Increases: UBS Warns Of Potential Fed Rate Hikes To 6.5%
    Benzinga | 04/15/24 05:04 PM EDT

    U.S. Treasury yields have reached their highest levels since mid-November 2023, driven by a mix of economic resilience, persistent fiscal spending and resuming inflationary pressures. These factors are steering the market?s expectations away from earlier predictions of imminent Federal Reserve rate cuts, significantly impacting the cost of issuing U.S. government debt.

  6. US Retail Sales Boom Well Above Forecasts, Rise 4% On The Year: 'Blowout Report,' Economists Say
    Benzinga | 04/15/24 12:25 PM EDT

    U.S. retail sales surprisingly surged well above economic forecasts last month, spiking to a 4% annual growth and highlighting the resilience of American consumers despite increasing inflationary pressures. On monthly basis, retail sales grew 0.7%, softening from the 0.9% pace in February but well above the predicted 0.3% rise, the Census Bureau reported Monday.

  7. What's Going On With Palantir Stock?
    Benzinga | 04/12/24 04:09 PM EDT

    Palantir Technologies Inc. (PLTR) shares are trading lower Friday amid overall market weakness. The Details: Investors are growing concerned that the Federal Reserve may hold interest rates higher for longer following hotter-than-expected inflation data earlier this week. Palantir (PLTR) received an endorsement from Jim Cramer during the Lightning Round of "Mad Money" on CNBC Thursday.

  8. What Inflation? Market Expert Ryan Detrick Says Hotter-Than-Expected Inflation Report Won't Derail Stock Market Rally
    Benzinga | 04/12/24 02:20 PM EDT

    Carson Group chief market strategist Ryan Detrick isn?t worried about the stock market after March's consumer price index report came in hotter than expected. "CPI freaked everybody out the other day, yes a big part of it is shelter," Detrick said in a Friday appearance on Benzinga's PreMarket Prep.

  9. Australian Dollar Struggles Amid Robust US Economic Data
    Benzinga | 04/12/24 10:41 AM EDT

    By RoboForex Analytical Department. The AUD/USD pair remains under pressure, hovering around 0.6528 on Friday. The stronger-than-expected economic data from the US has dampened hopes for extensive interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve this year. The Reserve Bank of Australia is considering initiating its monetary easing policies towards the end of 2024.

  10. Consumer Sentiment Worsens In April, Inflation Expectations Rise Further: Stocks Fall, Gold Surges Above $2,400
    Benzinga | 04/12/24 10:30 AM EDT

    The latest April report on U.S. consumer confidence paints a bleak picture, showcasing a sharp decline in overall morale and a disturbing surge in inflation expectations among American consumers, according to data released Friday by the University of Michigan. "A slight uptick in inflation expectations in April reflects some frustration that the inflation slowdown may have stalled.

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