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  1. What's Going On With Nvidia Stock?
    Benzinga | 07/12/24 02:14 PM EDT

    Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) shares are trading higher Friday as the stock recovers from a dip Thursday following June's inflation data release. The Details: Thursday's June inflation data came in cooler-than-expected, and the Consumer Price Index marked its lowest print since May 2020 with headline CPI inflation slowing from 3.3% in May 2024 to 3% in June 2024.

  2. Higher Producer Prices Show Inflation May Stick Around 'Longer Than Most People Expect'
    Benzinga | 07/12/24 12:29 PM EDT

    Inflation may stay elevated beyond people?s expectations, according to economists. What Happened: The Producer Price Index released Friday showed a higher-than-expected increase in June. On an annual basis compared to June 2023, the overall producer basket rose by 2.6%. It attained its highest point since March 2023.

  3. U.S. Inflation Drop Paves Way For Federal Reserve Rate Cuts: Will Cannabis Stocks Benefit?
    Benzinga | 07/12/24 11:54 AM EDT

    The recent drop in U.S. inflation has sparked discussions about potential interest rate cuts by the U.S.?Federal Reserve Bank. As inflation cools, investors are reconsidering their portfolios, with cannabis stocks emerging as a potential opportunity. Inflation in the U.S. has decreased for three consecutive months, with a 0.1% decline from May to June.

  4. US Consumer Morale Dips More Than Expected In July: Sentiment 'Remains Stubbornly Subdued'
    Benzinga | 07/12/24 10:26 AM EDT

    Preliminary estimates from the University of Michigan revealed that U.S. consumer confidence has declined more rapidly than anticipated in July, hitting its lowest level since November 2023. The survey also indicated that inflation expectations have slightly eased, implying that the drop in consumer sentiment is beginning to impact demand and exert downward pressure on prices.

  5. S&P 500 Falls Following June Inflation Data: Fear & Greed Index Moves To 'Neutral' Zone
    Benzinga | 07/12/24 02:25 AM EDT

    The CNN Money Fear and Greed index showed a decline in overall market sentiment, with the index moving to the ?Neutral? zone on Thursday. U.S. stocks closed mostly lower on Thursday, with the S&P 500 retreating from a record level during the session. On the economic data front, the Consumer Price Index in the U.S. slowed more than expected in June.

  6. Could June Producer Inflation Data Dampen Market Enthusiasm For Rate-Cut Winners? 5 ETFs To Watch Friday
    Benzinga | 07/11/24 04:32 PM EDT

    The larger-than-expected drop in the June Consumer Price Index inflation rate has fueled market expectations for interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve. Investors no longer seem to have doubts and are assigning a 91% implied probability that rate cuts will begin as early as September 2024.

  7. What's Going On With Ford Shares?
    Benzinga | 07/11/24 03:05 PM EDT

    Ford Motor Co (F) shares are trading higher by 2.1% to $13.46 during Thursday?s session. With CPI inflation slowing more than expected, it signals to the market that inflation is moving closer to the Federal Reserve?s target of 2%. This increases the likelihood that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates sooner rather than later.

  8. What's Going On With Rivian (RIVN) Stock?
    Benzinga | 07/11/24 03:04 PM EDT

    Rivian Automotive Inc (RIVN) shares are trading higher by 3.1% to $16.88 Thursday afternoon. The cooling inflation increases the likelihood that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates sooner rather than later. Cheaper borrowing costs would reduce Rivian?s financial expenses, potentially improving its financial health and making its stock more attractive.

  9. Why Plug Power Stock Is Seeing Blue Skies
    Benzinga | 07/11/24 03:04 PM EDT

    Plug Power Inc (PLUG) shares are trading higher by 5.6% to $2.84 during Thursday?s session. The lower-than-expected inflation report increases the likelihood of the Federal Reserve cutting interest rates sooner rather than later. For Plug Power (PLUG), this means potentially lower financing costs for expansion, research and development and other operational needs.

  10. Fed Penalizes Citigroup $136M For Data Management Failures
    Benzinga | 07/11/24 12:57 PM EDT

    On Wednesday, the U.S. bank regulator Federal Reserve Board and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency have fined Citigroup Inc $135.6 million for failing to comply with a 2020 enforcement action. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has amended its October 7, 2020, Cease and Desist Order against the financial institution.

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