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  1. Charlotte will bond for $650 million to subsidize NFL stadium work
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 06/27/24 08:05 AM EDT

    Bonds backed by hotel and restaurant bill taxes will pay for upgrades to the home of the Carolina Panthers. The team agreed to commit to the city for 15 more years.

  2. Los Angeles social bonds score AAA rating ahead of competitive sale
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 06/17/24 02:49 PM EDT

    The City of Angels is the latest in recent days to score a ratings upgrade as Fitch reviews its local government ratings using amended criteria.

  3. Munis firmer ahead of $7.2B new-issue calendar
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 06/14/24 03:56 PM EDT

    The new-issue calendar is led by the New York Transportation Development Corp. with $1.5 billion of green AMT special facilities revenue bonds for the John F. Kennedy International Airport New Terminal One project,

  4. Tennessee enacts new affordable housing bond program
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 05/30/24 11:10 AM EDT

    The new law was modeled after a North Carolina law and its use in Charlotte, said Matt Wiltshire, president of Pathway Affordable Housing Corporation, which works to develop affordable rental housing in Nashville.

  5. Sale of bond-financed fertilizer plant raises debt and competition questions
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 05/29/24 08:00 AM EDT

    The owner of an Iowa nitrogen fertilizer plant with more than $800 million of munis outstanding is trying to sell the plant to one of its largest competitors.

  6. Miami Jewish Health Systems' speculative-grade ratings affirmed
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 04/22/24 04:44 PM EDT

    Fitch Ratings said the negative outlook on the BB-plus rating reflects Miami Jewish's thin operating profile.

  7. New affiliation lifts a Minnesota hospital's bond prospects
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 04/15/24 08:34 AM EDT

    Duluth-based St. Luke's affiliation with Aspirus Inc. has lifted the prospects for its speculative-grade bonds; S&P placed the hospital on CreditWatch positive.

  8. CommonSpirit Health sees large demand, re-prices to much lower yields
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 03/13/24 03:28 PM EDT

    The Investment Company Institute reported larger inflows into municipal bond mutual funds for the week ending March 6, with investors adding $956 million to funds following?$57 million the week prior.

  9. Taxable munis outperforming on supply scarcity
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 03/12/24 09:55 AM EDT

    Taxable munis have returned 1.48% month to date and 0.29% year-to-date while investment-grade munis have seen 0.44% returns so far in March and 0.05% year-to-date. USTs are in the black at 1.43% so far this month but returning -1.76% year-to-date while corporate bonds are returning 1.24% in March but -0.46% year-to-date.

  10. Fitch upgrades N.Y. MTA's TRBs to AA on criteria change, state support
    SourceMedia Bond Buyer | 03/07/24 05:17 PM EST

    "This upgrade from Fitch reflects the continued growth of confidence in the MTA's sustainable financial strength, bringing tangible benefits when we look to finance critical transit projects," said MTA Chair and CEO Janno Lieber.

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