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  1. EXCLUSIVE: Federal Reserve To Hold Interest Rates Steady Wednesday? Here's How Investors Are Bracing For The Results
    Benzinga | 10:22 AM EDT

    Benzinga polled its readers to see what they thought ahead of the June Federal Open Market Committee on Wednesday. "How do you expect this decision to impact the stock market in the short term?" Benzinga asked. The survey also explored the primary concerns of the respondents regarding the Federal Reserve's decision.

  2. Euro Hits Monthly Low Amid Political Instability In France
    Benzinga | 08:14 AM EDT

    By RoboForex Analytical Department. The EUR/USD pair declined to 1.0740 on Wednesday, nearing the month's low. French President Emmanuel Macron has called for early legislative elections after the far-right party's strong showing. The European Central Bank met last week and decided to lower interest rates for the first time in five years.

  3. Ethereum And Altcoins May 'Quickly Rebound' After FOMC Meeting, Trader Predicts
    Benzinga | 06/11/24 03:14 PM EDT

    Crypto analyst Micha?l van de Poppe highlighted the ongoing decline in altcoin prices, attributing it to market weakness and upcoming economic events. What Happened: Micha?l van de Poppe tweeted that altcoins are experiencing significant declines ahead of the upcoming Federal Reserve meeting which is a major contributing factor.

  4. May Inflation Report Clashes With Fed Meeting: Traders Brace For Volatile Wednesday
    Benzinga | 06/11/24 12:12 PM EDT

    For the first time since June 2020, the Consumer Price Index report will be released on the same day as the Federal Open Market Committee meeting. This sets up a potentially volatile Wednesday for financial markets. Following three consecutive months of higher-than-expected inflation readings in the first quarter of 2024, April's data showed an easing in price pressures, aligning with forecasts.

  5. Democrat Senators Urge Federal Reserve To Cut Interest Rates As Bitcoin Rally Stalls
    Benzinga | 06/11/24 11:33 AM EDT

    Three Democratic senators have called on the Federal Reserve to lower the federal funds rate, which currently stands at a two-decade high of 5.5%. What Happened: In a letter addressed to Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, Senators Elizabeth Warren, Jacky Rosen, and John Hickenlooper emphasized the need for an interest rate cut to prevent further economic slowdown and address inflation more effectively.

  6. Bitcoin's Direction Ahead Of 'Huge' FOMC Meeting And Key CPI Data: Up, Down Or Sideways?
    Benzinga | 06/11/24 10:12 AM EDT

    Cryptocurrency markets are awaiting a potentially pivotal Wednesday, with the Federal Open Market Committee meeting and key US inflation data releases looming large. What Happened: Crypto analyst Ted highlighted significant market-moving events that could impact Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

  7. Economists Feel Federal Reserve Will Lower Interest Rates Just Once This Year: Survey
    Benzinga | 06/11/24 09:35 AM EDT

    Ahead of the Federal Reserve?s upcoming meeting, a recent survey of academic economists indicates that the central bank is likely to implement only one interest rate cut in 2024. What Happened: A recent poll of academic economists suggests that the Federal Reserve will implement only one interest rate cut in 2024, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday.

  8. Investor Optimism Improves; S&P 500 Settles At Record High
    Benzinga | 06/11/24 09:03 AM EDT

    The CNN Money Fear and Greed index showed some improvement in the overall market sentiment, but the index remained in the ?Neutral? zone on Monday. U.S. stocks settled higher on Monday, with the S&P 500 closing at fresh record level. Investors are awaiting the Federal Reserve's interest-rate decision and consumer price index, due on Wednesday.

  9. Brent Crude Oil Stabilises Around 81.50 USD Amid Demand Optimism
    Benzinga | 06/11/24 08:25 AM EDT

    By RoboForex Analytical Department. Brent crude oil is holding steady at 81.50 USD per barrel on Tuesday, following a significant surge of over 2.5% the previous day. As the US Federal Reserve meeting commences today, market caution is expected.

  10. Fed Meeting Preview: Economists Predict Steady Rates In June, Fewer Cuts Ahead
    Benzinga | 06/10/24 10:43 AM EDT

    The Federal Reserve is poised to keep the federal funds rate at 5.25%-5.5% for the seventh consecutive meeting in June, likely emphasizing that more time is needed to be confident that inflation will hit its target before contemplating any rate cuts.

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