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  1. European Central Bank Holds Interest Rates Unchanged, Keeps Markets Guessing On September Rate Cut
    Benzinga | 09:18 AM EDT

    The European Central Bank kept its key interest rates unchanged at its July meeting, aligning with market expectations. The Governing Council did not provide specific guidance on future policy, stating they were ?not pre-committing to a particular rate path,? slightly chilling market expectations which are heavily betting on a September rate cut.

  2. Unemployment Claims Rise More Than Expected, Boosting Hopes For Rate Cuts As Cracks In Labor Market Emerge
    Benzinga | 08:47 AM EDT

    Signs of a cooling U.S. labor market are becoming more evident, increasingly reinforcing investor beliefs that the time has come for the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates. New unemployment benefits rose more than expected last week, while continuing jobless claims reached their highest levels since November 2021, according to the Department of Labor?s report on Tuesday.

  3. September May Bring Rate Cut, Says Former Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan: 'I Think There's A Good Chance...'
    Benzinga | 07/17/24 10:46 PM EDT

    Robert Kaplan, the former president of the Federal Reserve?s Dallas branch, in light of recent progress on inflation, predicts a potential interest rate cut in September.

  4. July Fed Beige Book Shows More Underperforming Districts: 'The Economy Will Experience That Soft Landing'
    Benzinga | 07/17/24 03:29 PM EDT

    The Federal Reserve?s latest Beige Book, covering late May through early July, showcases ongoing slight to modest economic growth in most Districts. However, the report reveals seven Districts noting growth while five experiencing flat or declining activity, marking an uptick in Districts with stagnant or reduced economic performance compared to the previous period.

  5. What's Going On With Chinese EV Maker Li Auto Shares Today?
    Benzinga | 07/17/24 08:15 AM EDT

    Li Auto Inc. (LI) shares are trading marginally lower on Wednesday in the premarket session. Chinese stocks may be under pressure after the country?s softer-than-expected second-quarter GDP growth. This growth rate, lower than the 5.1% predicted by analysts, reflects the slowest pace since the first quarter of 2023.

  6. Jerome Powell's Top Advisor Hints At Fed's Potential Rate Cut Plans: 'All Moving In The Right Direction'
    Benzinga | 07/17/24 07:15 AM EDT

    New York Federal Reserve?President John Williams hinted at a potential interest rate cut in the coming months, suggesting that the Fed might be closer to this decision than previously thought.

  7. US Economy Cools Down, Europe Heats Up: International Monetary Fund Flags Sticky Inflation, Worrisome National Debt
    Benzinga | 07/16/24 01:05 PM EDT

    The International Monetary Fund revised its projected economic growth for the U.S. in 2024, lowering it to 2.6%. What Happened: The revision is 0.1 percentage points below the agency?s April projection. The IMF cited a slower-than-expected start to the year and an anticipated cooling in the labor market as reasons for slower GDP growth.

  8. Powell Praises Latest Inflation Progress, Hints At Imminent Rate Cuts, Warns He's 'Very Worried' About Unsustainable National Debt
    Benzinga | 07/15/24 02:04 PM EDT

    Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Monday the last three inflation reports have bolstered the Fed?s confidence that inflation is moving toward the 2% target, which is the key condition for policymakers to initiate interest rate cuts.

  9. What's Going On With Rivian (RIVN) Stock?
    Benzinga | 07/15/24 12:20 PM EDT

    Rivian Automotive Inc (RIVN) shares are trading lower by 2.7% to $17.63 during Monday?s session. With inflation slowing down, the Federal Reserve is more likely to reduce interest rates sooner rather than later. Reduced borrowing costs could improve Rivian's financial health and make its stock more attractive.

  10. Why Bilibili (BILI) Stock Is Trading Lower
    Benzinga | 07/15/24 10:25 AM EDT

    Bilibili Inc (BILI) ? ADR shares are trading lower by 4.9% to $15.88 during Monday?s session amid weakness in Chinese stocks after China reported softer-than-expected?second-quarter?GDP growth. China?s economy grew by only 4.7% from April to June, missing the 5.1% forecast by analysts. Bilibili (BILI), like many other companies, is affected by the overall health of the economy.

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