Gather attended the Dubai Web3 Summit and embarked on the path of globalization development

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Hong Kong, China, April 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The latest edition of the Web3 Summit was held at the Atlantis Palm Hotel in Dubai on April 16th and 17th, 2024, as scheduled. Over two days, the summit addressed a broad range of topics including macroeconomic policies, technological advancements, artificial intelligence, Web3 infrastructure, and financial technology. It featured industry summits, expert speeches, roundtable discussions, and exclusive dinners. The summit aimed to provide participants with comprehensive insights into the current state and future trajectory of Web3 and related technologies. It explored the evolving digital ecosystem, highlighted Web3 development trends, and fostered collaboration within the industry, establishing itself as a key event in the digital and financial technology fields.

During the summit, Gather was invited as a guest and an important partner. Throughout the event, Gather attracted attention from numerous industry partners and engaged in in-depth discussions with its executives.


Simultaneously, as a leading ecosystem in the fields of DePIN, SocialFi, and AI, Gather not only participated deeply in discussions on the development trends of potential tracks including DePIN and AI, but Gather's CMO, Nishant Rastogi, also delivered a keynote speech at the summit, providing in-depth insights into the current state of the industry, the Gather project, and the development status of the ecosystem.


This summit is becoming a new opportunity for Gather's development. Through the window of the Web3 Summit, Gather has established partnerships with a series of industry partners to jointly lay out in-depth strategies for fields such as DePIN and AI. Additionally, Gather is expected to expand its global presence based on this, promoting the deepening expansion of the ecosystem into more potential countries and regions, laying a solid foundation for the rapid expansion of its DePIN network.

About Gather

Gather is the world's first decentralized encrypted communication software, based on Web3.0 infrastructure, cryptographic technology, GProto communication protocol, and G-BOX hardware devices, providing a distributed long-link cluster to facilitate stable decentralized message exchange networks. Gather, from the inception of its product concept design, has been designed around protecting user privacy in Web3.0 applications, returning data ownership to users. Gather aims to be a true blockchain application, with fundamental differences from projects on Web3.0 infrastructure and all cloud servers.

Based on independently developed hardware devices and sold through different national agents to the global market, ownership of Gather hardware belongs to clients, distributed in different data centers. Based on various factors such as encrypted assets, community members, hardware devices, hardware operators, and end users, Gather has achieved improved resource utilization efficiency through decentralized means and provided value to participants, miners, and users.

Ecological Progress

Gather's global market plan is to seek 20 general distributors/partners in countries. Currently, brand authorization cooperation has been signed in 12 countries, and the first batch of 5000 hardware/node orders has been successfully implemented. Over the next two years, Gather plans to complete the construction of 100,000 hardware nodes.

Currently, Gather's cooperative national agents include Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Dubai, the United Kingdom, Samoa, Singapore, Australia, and Indonesia, while countries under negotiation awaiting signing include Thailand, India, Russia, etc., with a total of 8 countries with partners yet to be developed. Gather will select regions with market vitality and policy stability from these national representatives to invest in and build more data centers, expanding the global map of distributed nodes.

In addition, Gather has already partnered with organizations such as the Malaysian Digital Ministry, Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation, Cambridge University Web3.0 Lab, Columbia University Blockchain Research Institute, Dubai Web3.0 Zone International Monetary and Financial Club, and Hong Kong Cyberport. In the future, Gather's ecosystem partners will continue to grow, accelerating the process of ecological expansion and globalization development.


Gather has now completed preparations for the mainnet launch, with sufficient support from node operators and users. Our Gather GBOX devices were fully activated from 11:00 to 13:00 on April 20th, Kuala Lumpur time. With the official turning of the Gather ecosystem's value gears, the Web3 space welcomes a brand new era.

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