Walker & Dunlop Once Again Ranked As #1 Fannie Mae Multifamily Lender and #3 with Freddie Mac

BY Business Wire | AGENCY | 01/29/24 06:00 AM EST

BETHESDA, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Walker & Dunlop, Inc. (WD) was recognized as the largest Fannie Mae DUS? lender by volume in 2023, making it Fannie Mae?s #1 partner, five years in a row. In addition to being Fannie Mae?s largest multifamily lending partner by volume at $6.6 billion, Walker & Dunlop (WD) was also recognized by Fannie Mae as:

  • #1 Producer for Green Financing
  • #1 Producer for Student Housing
  • #3 Producer for Multifamily Affordable Housing
  • #3 Producer for Small Loans
  • #4 Producer for Structured Transactions

?Congratulations to our amazing team and partnership with Fannie Mae for finishing #1 for the fifth consecutive year,? said Walker & Dunlop (WD) Chairman and CEO Willy Walker. ?2023 was an extremely challenging market, given rising interest rates. Once again, our scaled partnership with Fannie Mae allowed us to provide our clients with capital and financing solutions throughout the year at significant scale.?

Walker & Dunlop (WD) also finished 2023 as the #3 Freddie Mac Optigo? Lender with volume of $4.6 billion. In addition, W&D was recognized by Freddie Mac as:

  • #1 Producer for Student Housing
  • #4 Producer for Targeted Affordable Housing
  • #4 Producer for Small Balance Loans

On a combined basis, with both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the ?GSEs?), Walker & Dunlop (WD) delivered $11.2 billion of loan deliveries in 2023, making it the second largest GSE lender in the country.

Walker continued, ?It is an honor, and great credit to the Walker & Dunlop (WD) team, that we remained at the top of the league tables in 2023. With rate cuts expected in 2024, and banks and other capital sources still reluctant to lend, it is our expectation that the need for GSE capital, and Walker & Dunlop's (WD) expertise and solutions, remains strong in the coming year.?

About Walker & Dunlop (WD)

Walker & Dunlop (WD) is one of the largest commercial real estate finance and advisory services firms in the United States. Our ideas and capital create communities where people live, work, shop, and play. The diversity of our people, breadth of our brand and technological capabilities make us one of the most insightful and client-focused firms in the commercial real estate industry.

Source: Walker & Dunlop, Inc. (WD)

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