AppraisalWorks Delivers Valuation Modernization Solutions Backing Fannie Mae Value Acceptance + Property Data Initiative

BY Business Wire | AGENCY | 03/15/23 08:00 AM EDT

Leading valuation management technology platform provides lenders, AMCs and appraisers a complete toolset to support valuation modernization

CLEVELAND--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- AppraisalWorks?, the leading property valuation and valuation management technology provider, today announced the platform provides turnkey support for Fannie Mae?s Value Acceptance + Property Data framework.

AppraisalWorks delivers desktop appraisal, hybrid appraisal and mobile data collection technology needed to comply with Fannie Mae?s Value Acceptance + Property Data guidelines and provides lenders with an easy-to-use cloud platform supporting all industry appraisal modernization initiatives on the market today.

The AppraisalWorks platform also provides support for approved Fannie Mae Value Acceptance + Property Data-service providers with proven experience in complying with the Value Acceptance + Property Data framework.

The AppraisalWorks platform provides banks, credit unions and other real estate lenders with a comprehensive platform for improving efficiency, visibility and agility across the full valuation management process. Lenders cite ease of use, on-demand scalability, proven technology and flexibility in supporting both in-house and outsourced appraisers as key reasons for choosing the platform. AppraisalWorks is patented under U.S. Patent 10,635,999.

In addition to supporting Fannie Mae?s Value Acceptance + Property Data framework, AppraisalWorks:

  • Enables lenders to build a full cascade of technology-driven valuation offerings, including desktop appraisals, exterior and interior hybrid appraisals, automated valuation models (AVMs) and mobile property data collection.
  • Optimizes and modernizes processes to facilitate seamless collaboration between property inspectors, appraisers and lenders/servicers.
  • Intelligently adapts valuation products if/when loan requirements change, at no additional charge to the lender.
  • Connects lenders with a broad array of top tier providers who enable property inspectors to collect detailed data, including photos and floor plans, using a mobile phone or tablet device.
  • Delivers a powerful data API, including valuation and inspection data for process automation, smart workflows and easy integration with digital mortgage platforms.

?AppraisalWorks is the industry?s most intuitive valuation management technology option available today to assist lenders in adopting Fannie Mae?s Value Acceptance + Property Data framework,? said Ben Wiant, vice president at AppraisalWorks. ?By delivering a turnkey cloud platform complete with approved Fannie Mae Value Acceptance + Property Data service providers, along with giving lenders access to AMCs with desktop, hybrid and mobile property data collection technologies, AppraisalWorks enables lenders to accelerate their valuation modernization initiatives and improve operational efficiency without sacrificing quality or compliance. And through our focus on continuous technology innovation we?ve expanded the platform to now include title and closing services, making AppraisalWorks a full service platform giving lenders more time to focus on big initiatives versus wasting time using multiple systems.?

For best practices on choosing a valuation management technology platform, download Choosing the Right Appraisal Management Platform and to learn more about how easy it is to make the switch to AppraisalWorks ? request your copy of our new AppraisalWorks Switch Kit.

About AppraisalWorks

AppraisalWorks is a cloud-based valuation management technology platform that enables lenders to order, manage, and analyze real estate appraisals and collateral valuations. Through its Community and Enterprise versions, AppraisalWorks improves process efficiency, ensures regulatory compliance, facilitates collaboration, and enables process automation ? providing lenders with seamless valuation technology to reduce turnaround times, costs per loan, and improve the overall borrower experience. AppraisalWorks is patented under U.S. Patent 10,635,999. Visit to transform your valuation management function from costly overhead to a competitive advantage.

Source: AppraisalWorks

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