The World Economic Forum Names Xenco Medical the Winner of the 2022 New Champions Award for Excellence in Sustainable Growth

BY Business Wire | ECONOMIC | 12/07/22 08:03 AM EST


GENEVA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The World Economic Forum, the world?s foremost international organization for public-private cooperation, has named U.S.-based medical technology company Xenco Medical the winner of its 2022 New Champions Award for Excellence in Sustainable Growth. The prestigious award from the World Economic Forum recognizes exceptional efforts ?in sending market signals and scaling innovative solutions for revitalizing societies? and ?accelerating technology and innovation.? Xenco Medical Founder and CEO Jason Haider accepted the award from the World Economic Forum at an awards ceremony in Geneva, Switzerland, on December 2nd.

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?We are thrilled by this immense honor and grateful to the World Economic Forum for recognizing the deep impact of our technologies and the unabating fidelity of our commitment to transforming healthcare,? said Jason Haider.

A leading innovator in the medical device sector, Xenco Medical has pioneered a new category of surgical implant systems with its sterile-packaged spinal implants pre-attached to disposable, composite polymer delivery instruments. Developed at the intersection of materials science and mechanical engineering, the highly reinforced, composite polymer instruments included with each of Xenco Medical?s implants allow for both consistent mechanical performance and the elimination of the costly logistics associated with the autoclave process.

Amplifying the impact of its breakthrough surgical devices, Xenco Medical has also introduced transformative, digitally-driven technologies ranging from its WiFi-enabled surgical vending machines for real-time inventory monitoring of Xenco Medical?s implant systems to the world?s first glasses-free holographic surgical simulation platform, enabling surgeons to translate 2-dimensional datasets such as CT and MRI scans into interactive, holographic reconstructions on a light field display.

About Xenco Medical

Xenco Medical is an American medical technology company committed to disruptive innovation for the purposes of creating a safer surgical environment. Through Xenco Medical?s line of disposable, sterile-packaged spinal implant systems, surgical vending solutions, and software technology, it seeks to make spine surgery more accessible and efficient for healthcare facilities nationwide. For more information on Xenco Medical, visit

Source: Xenco Medical

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