Groundbreaking Trucking Payments Platform AtoB Joins World Economic Forum?s Global Innovators Community

BY Business Wire | ECONOMIC | 05/24/22 09:00 AM EDT

Invitation-Only Global Innovators Community Elevates The World?s Most Promising Start-Ups At The Forefront of Technological and Business Innovation

AtoB Fixes Trucking?s Broken Financial System, Addresses Supply Chain Failures, Empowers Operators and Drivers

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- AtoB, whose groundbreaking payments platform fixes the trucking industry?s broken financial system, today announced it has joined The World Economic Forum?s Global Innovators Community, an invitation-only group of the world?s most promising start-ups at the forefront of technological and business innovation.

The trucking industry?s financial system is broken. Today, the majority of fleet operators rely on under-regulated and exploitative fuel cards, pay drivers using inefficient legacy systems (such as hard copy checks), and lack access to low-cost capital for fleet maintenance.

AtoB?s payments platform solves these problems by providing a suite of products to fleet operators and truckers, including no-fee fleet cards; instant direct-deposit payroll; and access to bank accounts and savings tools. AtoB makes trucking more transparent, efficient, and fair, building the necessary infrastructure to carry the industry into the future.

?Trucking is the bedrock of the 21st century economy, but it?s been passed over by many of the technological innovations behind e-commerce,? said AtoB CEO and co-founder Vignan Velivela, who is attending the World Economic Forum this week. ?It?s time to close this gap. We?re honored to participate in the World Economic Forum, elevate this important issue, and offer a practical solution.?

AtoB?s unique fuel analytics system flags fuel theft and opportunities to increase fuel efficiency, two of the biggest challenges facing the industry, while also helping fleets reduce their emissions and support transition to cleaner fuels and electric vehicles.

?Trucking needs better tools now. AtoB is addressing the industry?s labor shortage, high turnover rates, and steep maintenance costs with modern financial tools that empower both fleet operators and truck drivers,? said AtoB co-founder Tushar Misra.

Later this year, AtoB will announce programs to support low-cost financing for fleet maintenance and cash-flow friendly invoicing tools.

About AtoB

AtoB was founded in 2020 with the mission to transform the trucking industry?s financial management infrastructure. AtoB?s groundbreaking platform provides drivers and fleet operators with easy-to-use financial products such as no-fee fleet cards; instant direct-deposit payroll; and access to bank accounts and savings tools in order to provide ease on the road and network efficiencies. For more information, visit

Source: AtoB

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