Digital Asset Builds Momentum in Customer Growth Among Global Firms to Develop Global Economic Network

BY Business Wire | ECONOMIC | 04/27/22 09:00 AM EDT

Digital Asset Strengthens C-Suite with New Chief Sales Officer; Increases recurring revenue by 400% and triples customer base year over year in Q1 2022

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Digital Asset today announced an exceptional Q1 2022 marking significant growth as the company continues its work with financial institutions and market infrastructures, building next-generation blockchain infrastructure for key financial markets.

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In Q1 of 2022 Digital Asset saw a year-over-year increase of over 400% in recurring revenues accompanied by a nearly 3x increase in the number of customers using Daml compared to Q1 2021. To match this growth, the company has increased headcount by 75% over a two year period to better serve clients and bolster its research and development capabilities.

In the past 12 months alone, Digital Asset has hired 80 employees into newly created positions globally, including the appointment of a new Chief Sales Officer, Marc Silberstrom who has been a key contributor to customer growth. Marc joins Digital Asset with 25 years of enterprise sales experience, most recently serving as Global Vice President of Salesforce Maps, where he oversaw the acquisition of his prior company, MapAnything, in his capacity as Global Chief Revenue Officer.

?While the market has been somewhat unpredictable, the past few quarters have been an extremely exciting time for Digital Asset,? said Emnet Rios, CFO and COO at Digital Asset. ?We?ve planted our flag as the leader in our space and the industry is continuing to take notice, actively bringing us new and innovative projects that keep us on the cutting edge of blockchain finance, along with a sustained pipeline of uniquely qualified talent looking to join our organization.?

Most recently, Digital Asset announced the newest version of Daml, a multi-party application platform that addresses market concerns around privacy and interoperability for blockchain-based solutions. Daml 2.0 includes Canton, a privacy-enabled distributed ledger that is enhanced when deployed with complementary blockchains. Canton ensures strong privacy and compliance ? unique among multi-party systems ? while synchronizing transactions across any supported blockchain or database.

Daml is the underlying technology behind Digital Asset?s vision for the Global Economic Network, an emerging ecosystem of interconnected global networks. Working with customers, partners, and the open-source community, Digital Asset is building and connecting the core services that will bring the world?s assets together ? not only within organizations, but also across competitors and other players in the broader market.

?We are shaping the future of the global economy,? said Yuval Rooz, Co-Founder and CEO, Digital Asset. ?It's great to see the ongoing trust our customers place in Daml-based solutions that will enable our vision for the global economic network, creating a community of seamlessly interconnected users and platforms.?

Currently, customers are using Digital Asset?s Daml to tokenize assets, build new platforms, and create new products and services for the Global Economic Network. Goldman Sachs is using Daml to develop its end-to-end tokenized asset infrastructure supporting the entire digital life cycle across multiple asset classes on permissioned and public blockchains. Deutsche B?rse is using Daml for its D7 platform to create and process Digital Instruments, the digital description of electronic securities, to manage the securities alongside the entire value chain. Other customers include firms such as CAIS and Broadridge, and market infrastructures such as the ASX, Deutsche B?rse, HKEX, Nasdaq and more.

About Digital Asset

Digital Asset is a software and services provider that helps enterprises build economic value through interconnected networks. The company designs and delivers technology that reshapes legacy systems and workflows into efficient, secure, and interconnected applications. Daml, our core technology, is a platform for building multi-party applications. It extracts and simplifies business processes to make data accessible and optimizes workflows using smart contracts. Leading organizations across financial services, insurance and healthcare partner with Digital Asset to create new multi-party solutions that transform disparate silos into synchronized networks. Click here to learn more about the company?s vision to build the Global Economic Network.

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