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As of 04/15/14 08:30 AM EDT

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Yearly changes tend to smooth out more severe monthly fluctuations and give a better idea of the underlying rate of inflation. Even with the smoother trend, note that the core CPI does not fluctuate as much as the total CPI.

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This section depicts GDP and its key components, detailing growth in the U.S. economy. Economic growth directly impacts corporate profits and therefore stock prices.


Several indicators reveal inflation in goods, services, and wages. These various measures are compared here. Inflation erodes the purchasing power of current and future investments. Low and stable inflation rates benefit consumers and investors.


The Fed is mainly concerned with inflation and factors that portend inflationary pressures. The Fed determines whether to ease or tighten credit conditions based on economic and inflationary conditions.


This section shows a comparison of key interest rates. The difference between long and short term rates tells us about the economy. Also, it allows us to make more informed investment decisions if we are interested in the fixed income market.

Fidelity Viewpoints® and Analysis

With a new chair, the Fed looks prepared to continue its push to keep rates low.

Bonds are showing signs of strength after a challenging 2013, but expect volatility.

Shorter duration bonds may provide limited price volatility and varying levels of income.

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